Samsung foldable smartphone will have a 7.3-inch OLED display. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Samsung has revealed that it might actually reveal its foldable smartphone this November. Now, a new report claims that Samsung’s upcoming device, rumored to be called the Galaxy F, will have a design that’s already been shown by the company.

Samsung’s Galaxy F folding smartphone is said to arrive with a 7.3-inch OLED display that is capable of folding inwards. The handset, which is being called internally as Project Winner, will also have a secondary 4.6-inch OLED screen, according to industry sources cited by ETNews. The secondary 4.6-inch screen is said to be visible and usable when the Samsung device is in its folded form.

For those who may be wondering how exactly this will work, Samsung had a keynote presentation way back in 2013 during CES showing off a foldable concept smartphone. Sources say that the Galaxy F or whatever it ends up being called will borrow the same design from that video. The video can be seen below and the concept phone makes an appearance at 46:00.

Sources say that the 7.3-inch foldable display on the Samsung device will have a 1.5R bending radius. If that’s truly the case, then it means that the folding smartphone will have a hypothetical cylinder of 1.5 millimeters in diameter, according to Android Authority. Simply put, the device is able to bend inwards much like a piece of paper or cardboard, but it may have very small gap in the section where the phone bends.

Samsung Display, the display subsidiary of Samsung, is said to manufacture between 100,000 and 120,000 foldable displays per month. Samsung Display is also said to be preparing parts for up to 180,000 units per month. The discrepancy between those numbers is said to be due to the low yield of the manufacturing process for the foldable display. This also suggests that foldable display technology is still very much far away from maturity.

Earlier this week, Samsung mobile division CEO DJ Koh confirmed that the company’s foldable smartphone could be unveiled this November during the Samsung Developers Conference. The CEO didn’t provide any specifics on the device’s design and specs and he did not give a timeframe for when it will be available to purchase.

It was previously rumored that the Galaxy F may launch in January during CES 2019 and it will be available sometime soon afterwards. If Samsung is indeed targeting to manufacture 120,000 foldable displays per month, it may suggest that the device will only be available in limited quantities and will be sold with a premium price tag.