Samsung has recently been proud of their technological achievements with the latest Galaxy Note 10 releases. The new release for the Note series has been confirmed to surpass their flagship device, the Galaxy S10. The continued improvement of the company is a great sign in the grander scheme of their competition against the top smartphone companies.

According to the official Samsung site, DisplayMate’s comprehensive tests on the Galaxy Note 10 are looking well.  The company’s president, Dr. Raymond M. Soneira confirms that the Note 10+ has been one of the stellar devices they’ve tested out throughout the years. The Note 10+ is said to have “raised the bar” higher with its specs.

The new Note 10 series is noted as Samsung’s new flagship device this year. The company also confirms that it has surpassed the previous flagship, namely the Samsung Galaxy S10. The S10 has done well prior to the release of the Note 10 but not enough to completely sweep the competition according to reports about the device.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ is noted to have the smartphone company’s all-new Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-0 display. This technology allows the device to allot the whole smartphone’s front as the screen with also leaving some space for the camera. Samsung devices with this screen also allows the device to adjust itself to look like previous designs through simply adding a black background surrounding the camera.

While the company is also busy applauding its new device, Samsung has yet to sweep its smartphone competition. With the current situation of its rivals, Samsung’s opportunity to become the leading smartphone brand internationally arises. Huawei is currently under fire and lost its US customers due to the government banning them from doing so. Moreover, Apple is slowly shifting its focus to services and subscriptions which left their fans guessing when the next groundbreaking device release could be.

Samsung has a chance to become the first if the Note 10 series and their upcoming devices manages to sell extremely well in the latter half of 2019 and early 2020. All we can do right now is wait for Samsung’s next move.