Ever since reports about the rumored Samsung Galaxy P30 handset surfaced, it was believed that the device will be the first smartphone from the South Korea giant to feature an in-display fingerprint reader. But now a Chinese source has come out to contradict such reports, claiming the phone won’t feature such advanced biometric technology.

On Tuesday, Chinese Twitter leakster @MMDDJ_ claimed that the upcoming Galaxy P30 won’t come with an in-display fingerprint sensor. The tweet comes a day after the same source suggested on the social networking platform that the P30 isn’t going to be the mid-range Samsung phone debuting with such an advanced technology.

Apart from countering previous reports about the device, @MMDDJ_ also revealed that the Galaxy P30 has the model number SM-G6200 and 6GB of RAM. Moreover, the source indicated the low-priced Galaxy P series won’t be as good as the Galaxy A series in terms of user experience.

Meanwhile, SamMobile has exclusively revealed that the Galaxy P30 will have 64GB and 128GB models. The news outlet also said that the phone is going to be available in Blue, Pink, Black and Red color options. All variants are reportedly going to be gradient and the aforesaid colors will serve as the base colors.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything so far. But several sources are adamantly saying that the Samsung Galaxy P30 will very likely launch in China. There’s no information on whether or not it will be a China-exclusive handset, or if it’s going to make its way to other markets in the long run.

Earlier speculations about the device said that it will be the first Samsung phone to sport an in-display fingerprint scanner because the tech giant wants to better compete in China where smartphones with in-display fingerprint scanners are already available.

Samsung has scheduled a special press event on Oct. 11. It’s possible that the company could be unveiling the rumored Galaxy P30 series at the event. Only then can fans get confirmation on whether the device is going to hit stores with an in-display fingerprint reader.