The Samsung Galaxy S8 will be available in five colors at launch: Midnight Black, Arctic Silver, Blue Coral, Maple Gold and the new Orchid Gray option. While there were considerable rumors about what color options would be available for the Galaxy S8 prior to launch, now that the device has been unveiled, it appears several color options will be scarce in multiple markets.

Samsung has confirmed that only three color options will be available in the U.S.: Midnight Black, Arctic Silver, and Orchid Gray. While U.S. consumers will get to try out the new Orchid Gray option, they will miss out on the often popular gold option as well as Blue Coral. Samsung has not detailed its reasoning for this decision. However, the manufacturer has had an interesting history in releasing certain color options for its flagships in certain markets.

Often one explanation is certain markets outside of the U.S. appreciate more flamboyant color options in their smartphones. Uniquely designed and accessorized smartphones are considered a status symbol in markets such as Korea. Whereas many U.S. consumers often cover their handsets in protective cases, regardless of the color. U.S. consumers may get specially designed cases to show off their style, as opposed to showing off the actual color of the phone.

In the past, U.S. consumers were often stuck with simple black and white color options for Samsung flagships, despite there being other interesting colors, such as gold, silver, pink, purple, red, green and blue available in other markets.

For example, the Galaxy Note 5 introduced a silver color to Samsung’s line, but this option was not available in the U.S. More often, Samsung would launch other, more interesting color options for its latest flagships, sometime after launch, as a carrier exclusive with networks such as AT&T or Verizon.

Over time, the manufacturer has become a little more generous in sharing its special colors with U.S. consumers. Devices like the Galaxy S7 are available in gold in the U.S. The Galaxy Note 7 introduced the color Blue Coral in August 2016. Blue Coral was available in the U.S. and proved to be consumer favorite early in the device’s launch period. Samsung shifted the color option to the Galaxy S7 Edge after the Note 7 was discontinued, but U.S. consumers won’t be able to buy the Blue Coral Galaxy S8.

The Blue Coral Galaxy S8 also won’t be available in other primary markets, such as the Canada and the U.K. Canadian carriers, such as Rogers and U.K. carriers such as Three and EE are offering only the black and gray color options for the  Galaxy S8. This could be a part of Samsung’s effort to separate from the follies of the Galaxy Note 7.  

While recent reports indicate Samsung will sell refurbished Galaxy Note 7 handsets at some point, those devices won't be available in the U.S. There is on word on whether the devices will be available in other Western markets.

However, the Blue Coral Galaxy S8 will be available in Korea, as will the black, silver and gray options, on the carrier LG U+ in particular. It remains to be seen which markets will get the Maple Gold color option.