While everyone’s attention was on the Galaxy S9 and S9+ during Samsung’s launch event on Sunday, the company‘s mobile business CEO DJ Koh subtly dropped some details about the highly anticipated Galaxy X foldable phone.

Speaking with CNET on the sidelines of the event, Koh talked about Samsung’s foldable phone but he was still reluctant in sharing everything about the device. However, he did give an assurance that the rumored Galaxy is more than just a gimmick, or a one-off handset. Instead, he said that Samsung is preparing the device as the first entry to a new series of hybrid devices.

“I need complete confidence that we’re delivering the best user experience when we’re launching a new category,” Koh said during the interview. He then added that when the time comes, he’ll be very open about discussing the new product.

Unfortunately, Koh may have also confirmed that Samsung’s foldable phone is not ready for release this year. When asked if consumers can expect the device to arrive this 2018, he gave a sly smile and responded, “Sometimes I do not listen. My ear is not so good.”

Late last year, Koh said that Samsung would launch its foldable phone once it is done resolving some problems. “We are targeting to launch foldable phones next year, although we are in the process of overcoming some hurdles for mass production,” he was quoted as saying by IBTimes at the time.

According to Phone Arena, there has been talk that the Galaxy X foldable phone would enter mass production in November of this year. The news site also pointed out that Samsung is now looking to release the device in 2019. This is very likely considering that Samsung already showed off the device to a couple of key industry players at last month’s CES.

It is believed that Samsung’s Galaxy X foldable phone is the company’s next big leap in the smartphone industry because the smartphone market has been slowing down in the recent years. Sales have been not as good as before mainly because companies are just working to improve certain aspects of phones without really producing something new.

Interestingly, Samsung isn’t the only one that’s working on a foldable device. Microsoft has several patents indicating that it is in the process of developing a folding device. Tech insiders have given the device the code name of Andromeda. And per the latest patent of the Redmond giant, the folding smartphone-tablet hybrid could have magnetic locks that will secure its position in any of its 0-to-360-degree configurations.