Samsung officially announced its newest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S5, Monday at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain. And just as expected, the device will launch with three new wearable devices to extend the user experience beyond the phone. The Galaxy Gear 2 is an inline upgrade to last year’s Galaxy Gear, upgraded to incorporate some of the most desired features. A lesser expensive model, the Galaxy Gear 2 Neo, is almost exactly the same, but without a camera. Samsung announced a third wearable, the Galaxy Gear Fit, to go further for active users who have desired more out of a fitness tracker.

The Galaxy Gear 2 took what was good with its predecessor and kept it while ditching issues like pressure points and wired wristbands. Designers moved the camera and sensors off of the wristband and onto the bezel and rear of the device, which allows consumers to customize their Gear 2 with new wristbands. An added home button makes the user experience even easier as customers can now get back to the home page with a single click.

The Galaxy Gear Fit is the first of its kid, moving out of the monochromatic of normal fitness trackers and into a curved super AMOLED screen, setting it apart in its field. Weighing only 27 grams, the device has a completely removable wristband allowing for customization and a cleaner design. Compatible with up to 20 devices in the Galaxy line, users both new and old can get the Gear Fit and begin tracking their health and fitness with the peripheral.

All three devices are IP67 capable, meaning they are water and dust resistant. Getting caught in a rainstorm or sweating while wearing your Galaxy Gear 2 or Gear Fit won’t be a problem. Also standard on the Gear line of wearables is an included heart rate sensor and pedometer, which will allow users to keep track of their fitness levels in daily activity as well as at the gym.

The devices will release alongside the Samsung Galaxy S5 on April 11.