Samsung’s take on virtual reality, the Gear VR, may not have a price or release date, but it’s already starting to show up in the wild. Demo units of the Gear VR have been reportedly spotted at a couple Best Buy locations in Los Angeles, according to Reddit user Hackertripz.

The virtual-reality headset was also spotted by YouRift on Monday, after reports of the Gear VR being spotted in another Best Buy store. But those looking to try out the virtual-reality headset will still have to wait. The Gear VRs didn’t contain the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 required to power the headset and Samsung reps weren’t allowed to demo the units. Nor did Samsung and Oculus make any formal announcements about the Gear VR’s debut in Best Buy stores. But, employees are expected to be trained on how to use the Gear VR.

When Samsung reps at Best Buy are allowed to demo the units, visitors will be required to sign waivers to try the Gear VR, YouRift reported. A seat will also be provided for the demo to prevent accidents.

Samsung says it plans to release the Gear VR through its website and select carriers and retailers this year. The first release of the Gear VR, dubbed “Innovator Edition,” will primarily be aimed at developers and enthusiasts. While virtual reality has commonly been associated with gaming, Samsung and its content partners are looking to display other content through the Gear VR, such as music videos, films and other interactive content.