Mobile World Congress 2017 is coming up this weekend and although Samsung isn’t expected to be showing off the upcoming Galaxy Note 8, the company is still teasing a handful of new products and prototypes at the event.

The Monitorless is a pair of sunglasses that features integrated virtual reality and augmented reality functionality. The glasses will reportedly allow you to view content from a smartphone or PC remotely and they pair with devices via Wi-Fi Direct. Hardware like the Monitorless’s CPU and speakers are stored in the arms of the glasses.

samsung relumino Samsung's Relumino prototype allows visually impaired users to see more clearly. Photo: Samsung

Samsung will also highlight Relúmĭno, a new app for the Gear VR that is designed for near blind or visually impaired users. Notably, the app can compensate for visual problems like distorted eyesight or blind spots, so users can use the Gear VR to see the real world with greater ease.

VuildUs is a VR home design suite built for consumers and retailers. The program, which comprises of a depth camera and a corresponding mobile app, allows consumers to see how furniture from a store could fit and look within their home. Through the app, you’ll potentially be able to virtually arrange individual furniture pieces and sort through a store’s catalog of items.

Finally, traVRer is an interactive travel app that takes users to various famous landmarks and locations around the world. Users will be able to hop between locations and time of day without needing to go through secondary menus.

All four products come from Samsung’s C-Lab, which is the company’s internal incubator for new ideas and concepts. Products like the Monitorless are still in an extremely early stage, but it’s nevertheless interesting to see Samsung — which has been a strong proponent of VR software and hardware — dabble in the AR space.

Along with its C-Lab products, Samsung is also rumored to be highlighting several updates to its line of tablets at Mobile World Congress 2017. New models potentially slated to be announced include the consumer-level Galaxy Tab S3 and higher-end Galaxy TabPro S2. While tablet announcements aren’t the most high-profile news lately, the move is in line with Samsung’s expected plans, as the company is expected to hold the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 for its own launch event in late March.