Galaxy Note 8 camera module
A Galaxy Note 8 camera module. Weibo

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might be one of the highly anticipated devices of 2017 and one of its highlights is it will be the company’s first dual-camera device.

The Galaxy Note 8 will feature Samsung’s ISOCELL sensor which has been used in the company S-series and Note series flagships for a long time.

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Details about the sensor surfaced Tuesday, based on a PDF file of the company’s PowerPoint presentation given to investors in June. The company revealed four new ISOCELL sensors in the presentation – a bright color sensitive sensor called the Tetracell Smart WDR, a fast sensor called the Dual Pixel, a slim sensor called the small Pixel and a dual sensor. The last one, will most probably be a feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

One of the new features of the device is the 3X optical zoom, instead of digital zoom which is generally used by smartphones. This feature is expected to give it DSLR camera-like zooming capabilities. Both the lenses on the device will be used together to ensure image quality.

Another feature is LLS or low-light shooting. That would make the ISOCELL sensor on the Note 8 perform better in the dark than its predecessor, the Note 7.

However, one of the most intriguing features mentioned in the presentation is depth sensing. The feature is only mentioned in passing and there are not many details available yet. Depth sensing can be used simply to differentiate the background from the foreground in an image or it can be used for advanced applications such as augmented reality. Since the feature was mentioned in an investor presentation, chances are Samsung might be using it for advanced applications, rather than just creating a bokeh effect in images, a feature already present on many devices.

In case depth sensing is a hint of the device featuring AR capabilities, it would bring the device in competition with the Apple iPhone 8, which might release around the same time as the Note 8. Apple has already released an ARkit to developers to help them create AR-based experiences for iPhone users.

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Apple has already left Samsung behind in smart products, by revealing the HomePod Siri based speaker. The company is expected to reveal a pair of AR-based smart glasses alongside its upcoming iPhone 8 flagship. Samsung might be blazing the trail by making the Note 8 AR-capable. Even if the AR technology remains device based, chances are that Samsung might also offer an AR-based product such as the smart glasses.

According to the presentation, Samsung is aiming to evolve ISOCELL as a separate business independent of its Galaxy smartphones. This would mean other smartphone companies would be able to buy the technology from Samsung and AR-based features might be a selling point for the company.