Samsung is apparently working on a new clamshell smartphone that will be more affordable than the first Galaxy Fold – and the Motorola Razr foldable.

Previous reports revealed that Korean tech giant Samsung is working on a new foldable smartphone following the Galaxy Fold, which became successful after a humiliating first outing. The new device is said to feature a clamshell form factor, and is meant to rival Motorola's Razr reboot.

Now, a new report from Korea Herald reveals that the device is coming real soon, and that it will be sold at an attractive price point.

The report says Samsung is expected to launch two new foldable devices next year. One of these devices will be an upgrade to the existing Galaxy Fold, which folds in the middle like a book; the other device is a clamshell-type smartphone that folds in the middle like the Razr.

The new clamshell device, which is still unnamed at the moment, is “projected” to be announced around February along with the new Galaxy S11 series of devices (all of which are expected to be powerhouses). It will play an important part in Samsung's foldable device push next year.

Samsung, which considers foldable devices as a key element to its business' growth in the future, plans to sell at least six million foldable devices in 2020. The report says the tech company will try to reach the said sales figures by selling the clamshell device at an affordable price: around “1 million won.”

Fans need not worry about that price because it simply translates to about $845 in U.S. Dollars. This means the device will be cheaper compared to other foldables from mainstream companies, such as the $1,500 Razr and $2,000 Galaxy Fold.

The Korean giant will also use the upcoming clamshell as a basis for its plans for future foldables, an analyst said. It will carefully watch how the device performs in the market and respond accordingly.

“Samsung’s plan to expand the foldable product lineup depends on the market response to the clamshell model slated for launch in 2020,” Kyobo Securities analyst Choi Bo-Young said, “but it is clear the firm will increase the lineup.”

With that said, it appears that the Razr, slated for release in January, will have a strong contender right after its release. Stay tuned for more details about the device.

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