The plague of poor photoshop that has stricken recent advertisement materials for “Spider-Man: Far From Home” has been well documented online. Now, these cheap marketing antics have made a powerful new enemy: star Samuel L. Jackson.

In an Instagram post from Sunday, Jackson shared a photo taken of two theater standees right next to each other featuring his long-time Marvel character, Nick Fury. Things get messy with Fury’s trademark eye-patch: in one, he wears it over his right eye, and in the other, it’s over his left – the correct eye. Clearly, it’s a case of the mirror tool being haphazardly applied to the same promo art of the character.

“Uhhhhhhh, What In The Actual [expletive] IS GOING ON HERE???!!!” Jackson asked in the post, with all the force and vulgarity he’s become famous for.


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“Spider-Man: Far From Home” arrives in theaters on July 2, and in spite of the shabby promo materials, it’s looking to be a big hit. The film will see Tom Holland’s wall-crawler conscripted by Fury while on a school trip to Europe and teaming up with a visitor from another universe (Jake Gyllenhaal) to fight the Elementals.

Jackson can currently be seen in theaters playing one of the titular leads in “Shaft.” He also recently played a younger Nick Fury in “Captain Marvel” and had a cameo in the biggest film of the year, “Avengers: Endgame.” He will next be seen in the war film, “The Last Full Measure,” and the action comedy sequel, “The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard” in 2020 with Ryan Reynolds and Salma Hayek.

Spider-Man Far From Home
Pictured: Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson, right) recruits Peter Parker (Tom Holland) in "Spider-Man: Far From Home," in theaters July 2. Sony Pictures