Todd Williams
Todd Williams stars alongside Dwayne Johnson (not pictured) in "San Andreas." Jessica Castro

Todd Williams started his career in theater, attended New York University for music, and has spent much of his profession on television – holding series regular roles on “In Plain Sight” and “The Chicago Code” and guest starring on “Bones,” “The Mentalist,” “Teen Wolf” and “The Vampire Diaries.” William's latest project, “San Andreas,” a big screen blockbuster that saw him co-starring alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, is the actor's biggest role to date.

In “San Andreas,” which premiered on May 29 and ranked number one at the box office on its opening weekend, Williams, 37, plays Marcus Cowlings, a member of a search and rescue team led by his best friend, Ray (Dwayne Johnson). The movie follows Ray’s frantic journey across California to save his wife and daughter after an unprecedented earthquake rocks the state.

Williams told International Business Times that working with Johnson was a dream come true.

"This movie was one of the best working experiences I’ve ever had,” Williams told IBTimes. “Working with Dwayne was incredible and I had been a fan for a long time. He’s one of the biggest stars in the world, but he’s also so down to earth. Despite all of his success, he’s just a cool guy.”

For Williams, it has been a long journey to “San Andreas.” While growing up in Queens, the actor fell in love with acting after getting involved in a school play. “I can’t even remember the name of the play,” he admits. However, when it came time for college he decided to go to NYU to study music instead. Eventually, though, he dropped out to pursue his true passion, acting, full-time.

Versatility has been the key to Williams’ success, often alternating between TV, independent films, and now blockbusters. The actor says both have their pros and cons.

“With independent films you really get to act and, despite the lower budget, you actually have more time than you do on a big budget movie,” says Williams. “But on a movie like [“San Andreas”] you get to be a part of something that’s so big, bigger than you, and be seen by so many people.”

For Williams, things have never have been bigger. "This is definitely the largest production I've ever been a a part of," says Williams. "But I like to think that bigger things are coming in the future."

So, what does the actor have coming up on the film/TV horizon? “I did episodes of “Bones and “Criminal Minds” that just aired recently. “Teen Wolf” is coming up this summer. And I’ve got a few other things I’m working on, but I don’t want to say too much right now,” says Williams.

Plus, the jack-of-all-trades actor is not done learning new tricks. “I’d like to try stand-up comedy,” says Williams. “I’ve never done that before.”

Watch the trailer for "San Andreas" below: