California Highway Patrol
A California Highway Patrol officer walks along the empty freeway. Reuters

The San Diego Freeway shooting spree that has left one motorist wounded has a suspect, but no motive.

Enrique Ayon, 24, has been identified as a person of interest by the California Highway Patrol. It describes him as 5'8 and 190 pounds, and as armed and dangerous. Ayon is the owner of a 2006 Chevrolet Malibu identified by witnesses as the gunman's vehicle, the California Highway patrol said last night.

Panic and a massive manhunt were sparked Monday after a highway patrol car, an ambulance, and two other vehicles were shot at within 20 minutes on San Diego County highways.

Police said witnesses reported seeing two men with a semi-automatic driving a white 2006 Chevy Malibu with California license plate 5POM917. The suspects were last seen driving northbound on I-5 in the Carmel Valley area.

One motorist was wounded in the 16-minute rampage. There were no casualties.

We don't know where they were going, we don't know the motive, said National City Chief of Police Adolfo Gonzales, according to NBC Los Angeles. There were no words exchanged, there were no gang signs exchanged, none of that seen, so we don't know the motive for the shooting at this time.

None of the incidents appeared to follow the pattern of road rage. No words or gestures were exchanged, and there was no indication of a previous relationship between the shooters and those targeted. The I-5 shooting appeared to be directed an at ambulance headed toward a nursing home, but the shooter's motives in that case are unclear, police say.

We're very concerned when innocent people are being shot at for no particular reason, in this case there were multiple incidents, not one isolated incident, so I think they have something in their mind, said Gonzales.

The closest thing police have to a connection is a hit-and-run crash in South Bay late Monday morning. Police received a call about a Chevy Malibu around 10:22 a.m. PT that had hit a gate and fled the scene of an accident.

This is the second time this year that San Diego has been the site of a freeway shooting. On April 5, two motorists were shot while driving southbound Route 163 near Kearny Mesa. Stephen Dragasits, 58, was accused of the shooting.