Santa Claus REUTERS

For those who can’t wait for Christmas Eve to see where Santa Claus is during his current delivery cycle, Old St. Nick has his own Facebook page where he can interact with kids.

And they can see Santa fly across the night sky with his sleigh and reindeer, thanks to the North American Aerospace Defense Command's NORAD Tracks Santa.

Between checks of the Santa tracker, social-media users can log onto the Facebook page where they can interact with others who are eagerly waiting for Father Christmas to deliver their presents.

The famous NORAD Santa tracker might have decided to switch over to Bing instead of Google this year, but that’s not going to deter millions of children from logging on to the Web to see where St. Nicholas is at any moment during his annual journey.

Father Christmas will depart his home in the North Pole, along with his wife Mrs. Claus and his magical elves, to deliver presents to the “nice” girls and boys on Dec. 24.

Some age-old questions children around the world have are (A) how does Santa do it all in one night and (B) what time will he be arriving?

When the common answers like “Santa uses a magic sleigh” just won’t cut it, kids nowadays know they can look online to see their favorite holiday figure in action.

Via NORAD Tracks Santa this year, it will be easy to point out where Santa is on his trip on Christmas Eve.

But there is one very important question news sites can’t help children with -- and that’s the exact time Santa will be dropping by their houses to place perfectly wrapped presents beneath their Christmas trees.

Sorry, kids -- and those, of course, who are still young at heart -- Santa can come only when you’re fast asleep. Keep in mind, though, that legend has it that Father Christmas enjoys it when treats such as milk and cookies are left for him.

Hopefully, everybody was “nice” this year so nobody ends up with that proverbial lump of coal.

Check out Santa and his reindeer in the video below: