Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher
Actors Ashton Kutcher (L) and Demi Moore arrive for the "Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People in the World" gala in New York May 4, 2010. Kutcher was named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 people they consider to be the most influential. REUTERS

Sara Leal, the woman who allegedly had a one-night stand with Ashton Kutcher the weekend of his sixth wedding anniversary, has spoken out in an interview with Us Weekly.

Here are the highlights of her account, in order of importance.

1. They had unprotected(!) sex.

2. Kutcher claimed he and Demi Moore were separated.

3. He described the one-night-stand as a rare real moment.

4. They argued over Leal's cell phone (?)

5. Leal insists it was the first time she's ever had a one night stand.

The full interview will appear in Us Weekly's print issue on Friday, but the magazine published a few quotes online.

He was good, Leal told Us Weekly of Ashton's performance. It wasn't weird or perverted. (Just totally unsafe and irresponsible.)

He just came up and kissed me, before Leal, Kutcher, and a friend of Leal's took a nude dip in his hotel suite's hot tub.

I didn't think it was out of the ordinary, Leal told Us Weekly. I wasn't self-conscious about getting naked.

The British tabloid The Sun is also claiming to have interviewed Leal, but the quotes published in the article appear to be a variation of the interview she gave to Us Weekly.

We had sex twice. Everything felt natural, Leal allegedly told the Sun. We were having a good time. One thing led to another. He was good but it wasn't weird or perverted or creepy. I was attracted to him and he was attracted to me.

He had great endurance. We were up for a while. It was about two hours.

According to the Sun report, Kutcher needed to refresh his memory on Leal's appearance before she left.

The last thing I remember him saying was he did a good job. We woke up and I wearing a robe, the Sun quotes Leal as saying.

He opened it up and I was like 'What are you doing?' He was like, Just checking. Ok, I did good. You're really pretty.'

And at one point earlier in the evening, Leal's friend Marta joined the couple on the bed they would later christen. I'm sure he wanted to have a threesome, Leal is quoted as saying in the Sun. It was clear he wasn't opposed to it.

Party promoter Gavin Naumoff claims to have worked with Sara Leal.

Sara's a great girl. My job is to round up hot girls and bus them into clubs in San Diego or Vegas, Naumoff told the Daily Mail earlier this month.

The girls get free booze, food, whatever, and they attract rich and famous guys to the clubs. It's a two-way street. The girls get to meet rich men and the guys get what they want.

Which is Sex, obviously.

[Sara's] a wild girl and loves to party. She is someone who knows what she wants and is determined to get it.

Nik Richie of, who first broke the story of the alleged affair and who is familiar with Sara Leal's social circle, spoke to IBTimes a few days after the scandal surfaced, when Leal was supposedly hiding behind lawyers and a demand for $250,000 for her story (there is no available evidence the Us Weekly paid her that amount).

When it first happened she wasn't close-lipped about it, Richie told IBTimes, explaining that Ashton was a trophy for Leal, who he described as a bottle rat.

For those just tuning in, a bottle rat is a female of presumably limited means who habitually goes to clubs and circles VIP tables where wealthy men have ordered bottle service, with the goal of drinking for free for the night. Apparently they are a common breed in Southern California, and are all eager for their ten seconds of fame.

The bottle rats move to California to become a model or to be famous, Richie said.

Leal is certainly getting more than her ten seconds of fame. But should we believe her story?