Sarah Ferguson's tiara on her wedding day has a hidden meaning.

Ferguson wore a flower crown during her wedding to Prince Andrew. Many were surprised when she didn't wear a tiara as royal brides usually wore one on their big day. However, according to Courtney Pochin, a journalist for Mirror, there was a twist. The flowers are Prince Andrew's favorite, and the crown was only attached to Ferguson's veil. It also matched her wedding bouquet.

After the couple exchanged "I do's," the flowers were removed, revealing a gorgeous tiara. The move was symbolic as it showed Ferguson becoming a member of the royal family. Ferguson's tiara was commissioned by the Queen for her wedding. It came with matching necklace, bracelet and earrings.

According to gemologist Grant Mobley, it's difficult to estimate the worth of Ferguson's tiara. However, it "would easily be more than $300,000 USD today."

There are speculations that Princess Eugenie may wear the tiara next. According to Rachel Russell, Princess Eugenie is tipped to wear her mom's tiara. However, at the moment, the royal has not confirmed this.

In related news, Ferguson recently looked back at her royal wedding with Prince Andrew. The duchess has nothing but fond memories of the event. "Let me go back in time," Ferguson said about her wedding day. "You are taken with such a wave of energy, that it is just mesmeric, it is just extraordinary. Like every bride's wedding day, it's a special day. And you've got a beautiful dress on. But you're standing there with the man you love. And then there are people out there who are wishing you so well. And it's just extraordinary. It's just unfathomable. You can't explain it."

In an interview in 2011, Ferguson revealed that nothing was more important than her groom on that day. "And when I went up that aisle, I had - I married my man," Ferguson said. "I also married a sailor. And I got a prince. But my man was the most important thing for me, Piers, because nothing was more important than him."

Sarah Ferguson and Princess Eugenie
Sarah Ferguson's tiara has a hidden meaning and Princess Eugeie might wear it next on her royal wedding. Pictured: Princess Eugenie and Ferguson listen to speeches during a visit to the new Teenage Cancer Unit at St James' Hospital on Oct. 23, 2008 in Leeds, England. Getty Images/Christopher Furlong