Sarah Ferguson was mad during an interview when asked about her scandal.

According to Carly Read, a journalist for Daily Express, the Duchess of York previously appeared on Australian news program "60 Seconds." However, the interviewer touched on a sensitive issue that put Ferguson out of the mood.

"Did you take the money? I mean at one stage you had $40,000 cash (a deposit) sitting in front of you?" interviewer Michael Usher asked Ferguson.

The royal mom of two looked away before she gave her response. "Absolutely yes it was given to me and I got it in the car and then returned it straight away," she said.

However, Usher's next question got Ferguson riled. "Once the scandal broke?"

"I knew it was a scandal not once it broke Michael - but don't try and trick me now because I'm not going to play this game," Ferguson said.

After saying those words, Ferguson demanded at the camera to "delete that bit." The duchess insisted that she "doesn't want to go down that road" and added that it's "too tabloid-y."

Usher told Ferguson that the said matter was already covered in her biography, "Finding Sarah: A Duchess's Journey to Find Herself." However, Ferguson responded, "Yes I know, but it's the way that you're referencing..."

The publication noted that Ferguson was filmed in 2010 offering an undercover reporter access to Prince Andrew for $638,447.50 (£500,000). Ferguson later confessed that she had been drinking prior to the sting and was "in the gutter at that moment."

In related news, Ferguson was also involved in another scandal when she was photographed in a controversial scene with her financial advisor, John Bryan. According to royal experts, it was the reason why Ferguson and Prince Andrew divorced.

"She was famously photographed with her financial advisor and she was wearing a bikini in some garden in the south of France and he appeared to be sucking her toes," royal biographer Penny Juror said in the documentary. "She was at Balmoral when those photographs came out. The family came down for breakfast and there was Fergie in this shocking scene and that was the end."

Prince Andrew and Ferguson remained friends following their divorce. In fact, the Duke and Duchess of York still live together at the Royal Lodge in Windsor. The two are working together for their daughter's upcoming nuptials. Princess Eugenie's wedding reception will be held at Prince Andrew and Ferguson's shared home.

Sarah Ferguson
Sarah Ferguson got mad during an interview when asked about her scandal. Pictured: Ferguson arrives at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle before the wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle on May 19, 2018 in Windsor, England. Getty Images/Gareth Fuller