Just because Pope & Associate’s lost their main lead in Operation Remington doesn’t mean that the Gladiators are throwing in the towel. Episode 8 of “Scandal” picked up with the gang searching for the killer … and not realizing that the person is in working alongside them.

What’s Next For Olivia’s Mom

With Olivia poking around, Eli paid a visit to Olivia’s mom, Maya, who is not really dead, but instead locked up in a secret B613 prison. While the reason why she’s locked up remains a secret, Eli is bent on keeping Maya far away from his daughter. Afraid that Olivia’s getting close, Eli tells Maya that he’s putting her on a plane out of the country, somewhere “further away and harder to find.” Maya’s not ready to go willingly and demands that she sees Olivia before she goes. Unfortunately for Maya, Eli’s not caving. But what he doesn’t realize is that Maya is determined to see her daughter and when he leaves, she chews through her wrist until she hits an artery.

When Eli learns of Maya’s injury he caves and decides to bring photos of Olivia. But the photos aren’t of them happy together at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Instead they’re newspaper clippings from her achievements. Questioning Eli about the photos, Maya gets into a fight with her ex-husband over how Olivia was raised. Refusing to defend how he raised his daughter, Eli leaves -- but not before telling the doctor to heavily sedate Maya before they move her the next day.

Unfortunately for the doctor, Maya is craftier than she seems. As he approaches her with the needle, she somehow ends up turning it on the doctor … knocking him out cold and escaping.

Quinn’s Fate

After accidentally killing the main lead that Pope & Associates had on Operation Remington, Quinn is now being blackmailed by Charlie into working for B613. Charlie managed to steal the tape incriminating Quinn, but the Gladiators are hard at work trying to obtain footage from nearby buildings to find the culprit. Getting a reflection off the window from another camera, Quinn begins to fear that her identity will be revealed. Meeting Charlie outside she threatens him with a gun, but Charlie tells her that she’ll figure out how to cover up the secret. However, what Charlie doesn’t count on is Huck getting a clear image of Quinn … and visiting her at her apartment with his torture toolbox.

The Dream Home

Fitz calls Olivia demanding one hour with her but Liv refuses, hitting her phone until it’s unusable. Fitz doesn’t give up, though, and eventually gets Olivia to hop on a helicopter to Vermont.

When she arrives, he can’t stop raving about the home they are standing in, confusing Olivia. But when Olivia demands that he stop talking about the house and explain why she’s there, Fitz drops a bombshell -- he built the house for her.

“The house is ours,” he tells her. “I had it built for us.”

Revealing that he wanted her to see it once before he sold it, he continues that he saw them raising a family and growing old together in the house. His heartwarming declaration leads Olivia to forget about Operation Remington and all the lies, and kiss the man she loves.

Fitz and Olivia sleep together and when Liv goes to leave later, he tells her that he’s going after her father. “I need answers,” he explains, like why he was ordered to shoot down the plane.

“Do what you have to do,” Olivia tells Fitz. “Because I’m not going to stop until I have answers either.”

Episode 8 of “Scandal” ended with Maya showing up outside her daughter’s apartment and finally speaking to her daughter: “Hi Livy.”

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