Thank you, “Scandal” gods! After a week off for Thanksgiving, the ABC drama returned Thursday and brought ALL sorts of crazy with it. So, what happened? We’re breaking down the top seven O.M.G. moments from part 1 of the midseason finale, episode 9, “YOLO.”


The Huck ‘Friend & Family’ Discount

Quinn thought she was going to get away scot-free with the murder of Olivia’s one source in her mother’s death … but then Huck showed up at the end of episode 8. “Scandal” viewers have seen Huck do all sorts of terrible things to terrible people, but no one expected him to turn his torture techniques on Quinn.

With Quinn stripped, taped up and scared, Huck proved that no one is safe from his wrath when they do something to hurt Olivia. “I’m disappointed in you Quinn,” he tells her. “You’ve been a bad girl.”

Fortunately for Quinn, she does have the “friend and family” advantage, and instead of Huck cutting off a toe or finger, he decides to cut her a break and simply just rip out some teeth.

Why Was Momma Pope Locked Up By Rowan?

We know that Rowan staged his wife’s death and locked her away in a facility … but why? Olivia’s associates had the same question for her, and Maya explained what happened. She found out what her husband was up to with B613 and was going to speak to a reporter in London – “blow the lid off the whole thing.” Her plan was to take Olivia and run, and viewers know the rest of the story. She ended up locked up for 22 years under the name Omar Dresdon.

Quinn – The B613’s Latest Weapon

With Huck forced to leave Quinn tied up while he helps Olivia out with her mother, Quinn takes the time to try to escape … but ultimately fails. Huck returns briefly for a little more dental work before abandoning her again, which works out great for Quinn because that gives Charlie enough time to swoop in and rescue her.

After getting cleaned up, Quinn gets a little emotional over her whole ordeal and Charlie can’t take it. “You want to be a big dog?” he asks her. “Big dogs get bit. Huck did you a favor … you still have fingers and toes.”

Cutting her ties with Huck, Quinn seems to be fully aboard the B613 train. And after a steamy hookup, the pair head to the B613 headquarters to meet with Rowan.


After cat and mouse games between Cyrus and James, the pair both come clean … and James demands a divorce. Not one to lose, Cyrus horrifies his husband when he tells James that he has photos of his affair with VP Sally Langston’s husband, Daniel Douglas.

When Sally Langston tells Fitz that she’s running against him and will make the announcement the next day, Fitz and Mellie tell Cyrus to do something – and he brings the Daniel-James affair to Sally’s attention. However it looks like Cyrus finally lost because Sally tells him that his plan backfired and won’t work on her. I mean, how would it look if the chief of staff’s husband was discovered to be having an affair with a married man?

Defeated, Cyrus leaves and calls up James, begging for his forgiveness and promising him that no one will ever see the photos. “Consider them burned,” he tells James. “Can you forgive me?” But James already has a suitcase packed and waiting on the bed.

First Flight Out To Hong Kong

Desperate to save her mother, Olivia plans to put her mother on the first plane out to Hong Kong so that her father could never find her. Unfortunately, Rowan already has put Maya on the no-fly list under the name of Marie Wallace. Believing that her father made up a series of crimes to keep Maya grounded, Olivia begs her mother to give her the name of the reporter she was going to speak with in London that day. But Maya won’t release the name, telling her daughter that she doesn’t want to put anyone else in harm’s way.

When Olivia fails to find a way to help her mother escape, she turns to someone for help – Fitz. When she calls him, Fitz immediately asks what he can do to help. But Olivia tells him it's pointless because it would set off alarms across all three branches. Still, Fitz makes it clear that he’s willing to do anything to help her.

“I’m taking care of it,” he tells her. “Consider it handled. I’m not asking you, I’m telling you.” Fitz orders a military plane to fly Maya directly to Hong Kong and enables her to bypass customs. Olivia tells her mother goodbye and promises to keep her safe, but Abby encourages her to chase after her mother and give her a proper hug goodbye.

When Olivia lets go of her mother, she has a flashback to the last time she saw her mother 22 years ago – right after her mother left for London, someone called Olivia’s house and asked to speak to her mom, Marie. Olivia told the caller that her mom was named Maya and hung up.

Quickly calling up Huck as she watches her mother board the plane, she asks Huck the name that Rowan used to put her mom on the no-fly list – Marie Wallace, a wanted terrorist.

“My father was trying to protect me the whole time,” Olivia realizes. “He didn’t want me to know. He’s not the monster, she is. I think we’ve got a problem.”

Switching Teams

With Quinn seemingly now on the B613 team after her dentist trip with Huck, a flashback to earlier that evening reveals that she made a deal with Huck so that he would stop hurting her.

At the headquarters of B613, Quinn tells Rowan that before she gives him anything she wants every copy of her killing the security guard. As Rowan smiles and considers the offer, Quinn slowly pulls a needle out of her coat pocket.

“I Have Committed A Sin”

Struggling all episode between her devotion to God and her desire to be president, Sally Langston finally went off the deep end after learning of her husband’s infidelity. While she appeared unnerved in front of Cyrus, she calls him up later that evening to tell him something important: “Cyrus, I have committed a sin.”

So, what sin did Sally Langston commit? She murdered her husband, Daniel Douglas.

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