“Scandal” had viewers dying for more when its second season concluded in mid-May. With the season 3 premiere finally here, we’re looking back at all the drama that unfolded during the season 2 finale of ABC’s breakout hit.

Check out these 10 must-know spoilers before “It’s Handled” premieres on ABC on Thursday at 10 p.m. EDT:

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. Do NOT continue reading if you have not watched the season 2 finale of “Scandal.”

1. How Billy Met Charlie

Remember how Billy was leaking secrets at the beginning of “Scandal?” And how Charlie was supposed to kill him? In the season 2 finale it was revealed that Billy managed to avoid getting murdered and even struck up a pretty sweet deal with Charlie when he promised to share valuable secrets about the White House that would make both of them money.

2. The New Defiance

“Defiance” is still an issue despite Verna being dead. The group that put Fitz in office reconvenes to discuss what to do about Billy and the Cytron card, but now they have a new player – Fitz! While they all agree that they need to get their hands on the card, they all have different ideas of how to get it. For Hollis it involves “taking care” of Billy. But Fitz insists that he wants no more deaths.

3. A Turn Of Hands

With the re-election approaching, Cyrus learns that Vice President Sally is plotting to run against Fitz for the presidency. And although Cyrus puts the VP in her place, she refuses to back down, telling him, “I’d be irresponsible if I didn’t offer the party an alternative.”

But the real twist comes when Pope & Associates discover that Governor Reston (the same governor that shot the man his wife was having an affair with) is the one that’s backing Billy. Reston visits Fitz in the Oval Office in an attempt to blackmail him with defiance. But with their new knowledge, Olivia comes up with a plan to get Reston to lead them to Billy, who they believe has the Cytron card. What they don’t know is that there is another party involved who actually has possession of the card … and he’s been right under their noses.

4. The Attack On Cyrus

When Cyrus discovers that Reston has teamed up with Billy and is with Fitz, he drives himself into such a panic that he has a heart attack. Stuck in the hospital (despite his attempts to get out), Cyrus still manages to get to Fitz and Olivia to hatch a plan.

5. A New Plan

It’s easy to forget that “Defiance” isn’t the only thing that can hurt Fitz in his re-election – he also has to consider his affair with Olivia. Despite telling Fitz that she’ll wait the four long years, the president tells her, “I’m running, I’m winning, we’re getting married and you’re moving into the White House.”

The problem? Mellie, of course!

But Olivia comes up with a plan to “handle” Mellie and the way that America loves her. The game plan is to give FLOTUS her own career and eventually get Fitz to go on one or two high-profile dates. Then they’ll spin a story about Fitz and his longtime adviser Olivia’s friendship has blossomed into romance. Mellie wants none of that, but in order to keep her quiet they threaten to play the “racist” card.

6. B613 Assassination

B613 did not die off when Huck left. Turns out that B613’s latest target is Olivia, but fortunately she has guardian angel Jake watching over her. After saving her life, Jake reveals everything to her about his mission – including sleeping with her.

Now on the run for defying his orders, Jake and Olivia part ways … and Jake gets thrown into “the hole” by Rowan.

7. David Rosen’s New Gig

So, who was the third party supplying Billy and Governor Reston? None other than David Rosen, who has been staying at the Pope & Associates office.

Quinn and Huck learn of Rosen’s identity when they go to Billy’s to torture the information out of him (something Huck can’t do, so Quinn steps up). But Rosen’s involvement is not what they think. Rosen goes straight to Cyrus’ office to turn over the Cytron card … on one condition. He reveals that he captured Billy’s mole and murder confessions on a wire, Billy gets arrested and Fitz holds a conference where he names Rosen an “American Hero” and new U.S. attorney for D.C.

8. The Breakup

Cyrus has a heap of problems on his plate and they keep piling up when Rosen approaches him and tells him that he needs to handle the president’s girlfriend. Upon learning of the attempted murder of Olivia, he tells his old friend that she’s crazy if she thinks she’s going to get her happily-ever-after with Fitz.

“Fitz killed Verna dead, with his own two hands,” Cyrus warns Olivia. “That is what you’re dealing with. That is who you love.”

To further fuel a falling-out between Olivia and Fitz, Cyrus decides to show the president the sex tape Rowan gave him of Olivia and Jake.

With two major bombshells revealed, the two talk and Olivia tells Fitz he should run for re-election … but she won’t be there for him.

“I took my people over the wrong cliff,” she told Fitz. “I can’t leave them. They need me. I’m their gladiator.”

9. The Affair Leaked

Olivia’s had her bad breakup moments with Fitz, but she seems to be okay and ready to move on as she heads out for a morning run. But her sunny outlook is cut short when she exits her building and finds herself face-to-face with reporters calling her the president’s mistress.

10. Rowan’s Big Reveal

In shock outside her building, Olivia is ushered over to a car where she’s met by Rowan. But she knows him by another name – “Dad.”

“Scandal” returns for its third season on ABC on Thursday 3 at 10 p.m. In the premiere episode, “It’s Handled,” Olivia and Fitz will form a “surprise allegiance” in order to get a handle on the whole affair unveiling. Meanwhile, Rowan will “stop at nothing to carry out his orders, and no one, including Olivia, can stand in his way.”