Olivia Pope’s (Kerry Washington) kidnapping just got real. Episode 11 of “Scandal” aired on ABC Thursday night, introducing a whole new set of problems for the gladiator.

Immediately after speaking with Vice President Andrew Nichols (Jon Tenney), Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) sprung into action to save Olivia. He demanded that his secretary get Jake Ballard (Scott Foley), but the Secret Service swooped in before any calls could be made. The Secret Service, White House aids, staff and more were part of a “support group” put in place by Andrew and his people to make sure that Fitz followed the demands very carefully … and go to war with West Angola. Fitz learned that he couldn’t trust anyone and was being watched in every room. If he dared to make a move, Olivia would be beheaded.

Fitz demanded proof of life before going to war on West Angola, and Andrew delivered. Ian (Jason Butler Harner), Olivia’s captor, forced her to read from cue cards that said the U.S. must declare war on West Angola within the next 48 hours or she’d be killed. Ian thought that he won, but Olivia had a trick up her sleeve. She requested a glass of water, and caught Ian’s reflection in it on camera.

Fitz received the video and couldn’t figure out how to save Olivia. When an opportunity to speak with his ex-secret service agent Tom Larsen (Brian Letscher), he jumped at the chance. Tom revealed that Fitz can’t trust anyone in the White House, but there was one place he could talk freely – Olivia’s apartment. Fitz managed to organize a meet up with Jake and delivered a copy of Olivia’s video. “You need to find her,” Fitz warned him.

Jake took the video back to Pope & Associates to get Quinn (Katie Lowes) and Huck’s (Guillermo Diaz) help. But Huck was already on it. He paid a visit to Elizabeth North (Portia de Rossi) to encourage her to talk … by threatening the life of her daughter. Elizabeth was no help. It turns out that Andrew didn’t tell her the pesky details about kidnapping Olivia.

Elizabeth may have been a dead end, but Huck discovered the reflection of the man in Olivia’s glass – the first “bread crumb.” Unfortunately a scan didn’t reveal any matches. However a clue walked through the door of the office – a friend of Olivia’s neighbor.

“Where’s the black lady?” she demanded. At first she wouldn’t talk to Quinn, but she soon revealed that her friend was missing and she needed Olivia to get the extra key to the apartment. Quinn, Huck and Jake immediately went to the apartment to search for clues. It was there that Huck found the second “bread crumb,” Olivia’s ring. With the new knowledge that Olivia’s captors took her into the neighbor’s apartment, they realized that they had to have access to the Internet. They took the box to search for clues and discovered that Ian was involved. Unfortunately they couldn’t track Ian because he had tweaked the device to ping in different locations.

Mellie managed to get involved in the situation after Fitz sneakily told her what happened. Fitz said that he couldn’t go to war for Olivia, but Mellie told him that if he loved Olivia that he had to do it. Fitz made the announcement the next day, but it wasn’t enough to get Olivia back. Andrew revealed that he had a couple other demands for the president before he could be reunited with Olivia.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth feared for her life and turned to Mellie. She revealed that Huck had paid her another visit and mutilated her back … and threatened to do worse. Mellie went to Andrew’s office and told him that she knew everything about his plan. She demanded that he let Olivia go, but Andrew decided to sweet-talk her. He promised that they would be together in the Oval Office and kissed her. Mellie slept with Andrew, but she wasn’t back under his spell. When he fell asleep she stole his cell phones and brought them to Elizabeth. Elizabeth gave the phones to Huck, Jake and Quinn, who managed to pinpoint Ian’s location – an abandoned airport hanger in Pennsylvania.

Uncertain how many men were holding Olivia captive, Jake knew that they needed more gun power to get her out. He turned to David Rosen (Josh Malina), who called in a “drug raid” at the airport hanger. Jake stormed the airport hanger with the other agents, however Olivia’s cell was empty.

Olivia had hatched a plan to save her life. She told Ian to “sell” her to the highest bidder. He’d benefit from the money, and she’d get the chance to possibly live more than three years. Episode 11 of "Scandal" concluded with Fitz getting a call from Olivia. He only managed to get a "hi" out of her before Ian told him that he was planning on selling her to the person with the most money.