One high school student’s hospitalization due to an allergic reaction to the popular Axe body spray resulted in a schoolwide ban of the products Wednesday at a Pennsylvania high school.

Brandon Silk, 15, who suffered the reaction, had his throat swell up three times from the products over nine days.

Officials of the Bethlehem school district are now requesting that students at Freedom High School discontinue the use of the company’s body colognes and fragrances, reported CBS News.

Here are nine other weird things school districts have banned over the years:


The brightly colored plastic bracelets that display the word “I love boobies” were banned from many schools worldwide after their popularity grew in 2010. The bracelets, which were sold by a nonprofit Keep a Breast Foundation, raise money for breast cancer awareness but some students were banned from supporting the cause after some called the bracelet's message "demeaning."

Jim Aisenbrey, principal of Baltic High School in South Dakota, even called an assembly specifically to warn students not to wear the bracelets.

“I do think there are more proper ways to bring this plight to the attention of people and I don’t think this is the proper way,” said Aisenbrey.


Kids of the '90s remember the hype behind the small commercialized cardboard circles known as Pogs. The Hawaiian sensation started to create a stir after playground fights were breaking out due to students losing their beloved Pogs playing a game that allows winners to play for keeps.

“We have to put them away or we get sent to the principal’s office,” said Wormleysburg, Pa. schoolgirl Laura Arter, then 10, to The New York Times.


Confederate Flag
The Confederate flag was once part of the tradition at Hays High School in Buda, Texas. That tradition will be no more after the Hays School District voted to ban the Civil War imagery from school property in a 5-2 vote Monday. Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

One many wonder why a Confederate battle flag was part of a school tradition, but there was significant outrage in Buda, Texas, when high school administrators after banned the flags from school property in 2012. Hays High School officials said that the flag was a cause for controversy among students and parents of the district, while others opposed their ruling.

“Can I not be proud of my Southern heritage?” said one outraged parent, Cyndie Holmes.


Flamin' Hot Cheetos
Some schools are looking to ban a popular snack, Flamin' Hot Cheetos, for its addictive qualities and health concerns.

Schools have been known to ban certain foods and drinks in the past for dietary concerns, but when schools in California and New Mexico began outlawing students' beloved Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in 2012, there was an uproar. The schools called the spicy, crunchy snack “highly addictive” due to the artificial coloring and flavorings it contains.


Harry Potter
Students were banned from reading "Harry Potter" books at a school in Australia. Reuters

Schools may teach children how to read, but some also want to regulate what literature they actually get to enjoy. Medowie Christian School, a Christian K-10 school in Australia, banned their students from reading the widely beloved seven book series in 2012 calling the stories' values “un-Christian.” Dressing up as the characters in the school’s annual book parade was also banned.


Pop singer Lady Gaga may influence millions of fans' fashion choices, but one parent's choice to allow their daughter, Marcella Marino, copy the singers bow-inspired up-do resulted in the 4-year-old being barred from her school picture day. Adminsitrators cited the young girl had violated the school’s dress code at Ramsgate Holy Trinity Primrary School in Kent, England, last year.


Peyton Manning
Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning found a hilarious way to prank teammate Eric Decker. Reuters

A Greeley area school district in Colorado banned students from wearing one of their beloved Denver Bronco players, Peyton Manning’s, sports jerseys last year. The district said the quaterback's jersey number “18” resembled a local gang, the 18th Street Gang.


American Heritage Dictionary
American Heritage Dictionary American Heritage Dictionary

Arguably one of the most valuable books used in a school was banned from Golden State Menifee Union School District in California in 2010. The Merrian-Webster Collegiate Dictionary’s definition of the “oral sex” was deemed age-inappropriate by the district, which removed all copies of the book from library shelves.