• Mikaila Robinson, 16, was caught on camera being body slammed to the ground by a school resource officer
  • The L.A. County Sheriff's Department claimed the teen had been a "threat" to the officer
  • The school district and police are now reviewing the incident that has since gotten a lot of attention online

A school resource officer in Los Angeles County, California allegedly body slammed a female student to the ground and detained her in late August because she was considered a "threat," the teen's lawyer claimed.

Footage of the incident, which took place on Aug. 30, showed the unnamed L.A. County Sheriff's Department deputy pinning down 16-year-old Mikaila Robinson immediately after he had body slammed the teen to the ground at Lancaster High School, CBS 2 Los Angeles reported.

"Get off of me. Get the f**k off of me," Robinson told the officer as he locked her in place, while several people gathered around the two, as seen in the clip.

Robinson was later detained and removed from the school by the same officer, a report by ABC 7 said.

Activist and civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom, who represents the Robinson family, said the sheriff's department had described her client as a "threat." 

"What was the threat? We haven't been told specifically," Bloom was quoted as saying by CBS 2 Los Angeles.

"[Robinson] says all she did was walk up to the school resource officer and say, 'Why are you looking at me like that, is something wrong?'" she added.

Foul language was also used in the altercation and things escalated from there, officials claimed, as per ABC 7. Robinson, however, allegedly did not use any foul language.

"My client says she didn't use any foul language, it was her friend. At any rate, the foul language was not a threat," Bloom said.

Robinson allegedly attempted to walk away from the officer, who commanded her not to leave.

"The sheriff's deputy says she was walking away from him and that's why he had to take her down. That is not a justification to take down a child. It is not a justification to take down an adult," Bloom said.

Bloom claimed she was looking at all legal options for her client, including filing a civil lawsuit against the district and the officer.

"The only justification for physical violence, under the law, is if the officer or another person is being physically threatened with bodily injury or death... A teenager simply walking away does not meet that criteria," the lawyer said.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department, which provides policing services on school campuses, reportedly claimed the deputy had attempted to detain a juvenile student in relation to a criminal complaint.

"The juvenile physically resisted the detention and the School Resource Deputy used force to effect the detention and take the juvenile into custody," the department said in a statement.

Investigators are now reviewing the department’s policy as well as the tactics used in the incident, according to police. Appropriate administrative action will be taken if necessary, they added.

The Antelope Valley Union High School District is also reviewing the incident in conjunction with the sheriff's office, the district said in a statement.

An Antelope Valley community group, meanwhile, has reportedly demanded for the school district to cancel its contract with the sheriff’s department following the incident.

bodyworn-794111_1920 Representation. The L.A. County Sheriff's Office is allegedly reviewing its use-of-force policy after one of its school resource officers was captured on camera body-slamming 16-year-old Mikaila Robinson to the ground. Photo: Pixabay