• A gunman shot an employee of Dart Container Corp and is currently on the run
  • Dart Container Corp, based in Michigan makes food and beverage packaging products
  • Police have shutdown the Rockdale County schools and courthouse

Police are still looking for one shooter after one person was shot today morning at a food service plant in Georgia, some 25 miles southeast of Atlanta.

According to Deputy Lee Thomas, spokesman for Rockdale County Sheriff department, police officers responded to shots fired call at a dart Container Corp plant at 6.58 am.

The suspect then fled the area and police were actively pursuing them.

The building was quickly evacuated, and the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office used social media to tell people to stay away from the area.

The plant employs some 300 people. Dart Container Corp, based in Michigan, makes food and beverage packaging products such as the Solo cup brand. They manufacture and distribute foodservice products, including plates, containers, lids, and straws at plants and centers across America, including the Conyers plant.

Due to the activity caused by the incident, several county schools and the county courthouse had lockdown as the police continued chasing down the suspect.

The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office, fortunately, reported that all students and staff from Rockdale County Public Schools were safe. No visitors have been allowed on any of the campuses for the time the lockdown was in place.

Thomas claimed the man injured during the shooting was taken to hospital, although the extent of the injuries is not yet known.

Video from the area shows heavily armed police monitoring the area as lights from police cruisers flash around the plant.

According to the sheriff’s office, it is still a very active scene, and it is a developing story. The agency emphasized that people stay away from the plant.

Authorities also shut down a gas station that was next door to the incident and told one of the employees there to remain inside.

One of the employees from the plant, Dion Spencer, claimed al he knew was there was a lot of law enforcement there.

The plant is along a busy suburban highway near Interstate 20 in Conyers.

Agents from the FBI’s area field office are also en route to the scene to support the local agencies in pursuit of the gunman.

The situation is still developing and attracting attention from several large media houses though there is no sign the gunman as yet, nor any information on the sole wounded victim.

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