Will Team Scorpion’s plan work in “Scorpion” Season 4, episode 2? CBS

“Scorpion” Season 4, episode 2 will serve as a continuation of the events that took place in Season 1.

Last week’s installment centered on Team Scorpion working with their nemesis, Mark Collins (Joshua Leonard), to help prevent a possible mass extinction. But just when they thought that they had everything figured out, Walter’s (Elyes Gabel) plans did not work.

In episode 2, titled “More Extinction,” the entire team will continue their mission, but they are expected to face even more problems. In the teaser released by CBS, Happy (Jadyn Wong) will come up a with a plan to hijack a helicopter, but this will also face.

A panicked Walter is on the phone with Cabe (Robert Patrick), and they discuss the other options that they still have. Paige (Katharine McPhee), who isn’t a big fan of Collins, will still help Team Scorpion. The episode is also expected to shed some light on the future of Walter and Paige’s relationship.

In the previous episode, Paige realized how difficult it is to have a relationship with Walter and work with him as well. When she told him that she didn’t want to work with Collins, Walter told her that teaming up with their nemesis is something they needed to do.

Paige wasn’t also very pleased when Walter did her job because this made her feel useless. When she told Walter about it, he did not want to acknowledge Paige’s ill feelings towards him. In the end, Paige appeared to have some doubts over their relationship even though she has loved Walter since the beginning of the TV show.

In the teaser, Paige and Walter are seen standing very close to each other. By the looks of it, they are having the conversation. But this is interrupted by a military officer who points a gun towards them. The couple has a surprised look on their face and will have some explaining to do.

Elsewhere, Cabe’s last minute decision could also put his job on the line and end his career.

“Scorpion” Season 4, episode 2 will air on CBS on Monday at 9 p.m. EDT.