White House adviser Sebastian Gorka has reportedly been linked to an anti-Semitic group in Hungary. Getty Images

Sebastian Gorka, President Donald Trump’s main counter-terrorism adviser, was reportedly linked to a Hungarian group that the U.S. State Department previously tied to the Nazis during World War II, The Forward reported Thursday.

Gorka, who faced accusations of connections to anti-Semitic groups last month, was called a “formal member” of a Hungarian group named Vitezi Rend, leaders of the group told The Forward. It was started under a former Hungarian leader Miklos Horthy. Horthy, according to the report, enforced laws against Jews and worked with Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime to deport hundreds of thousands of Jews to the Nazis.

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Since the Nazi’s defeat in the World War II, the group split off into two others. “Historical Vitezi Rend” is the one where Gorka is an alleged member.

The 46-year-old Gorka is an American citizen, but was born in the United Kingdom to Hungarian parents. A previous report by The Forward last month found that between 2002 and 2007, while he worked in politics and journalism in Hungary, he worked with far-right Hungarian groups like the political party Jobbik.

The Anne Frank Center’s executive director Steven Goldstein called for Gorka’s resignation after the report was released, taking directly to Twitter and tagging the president.

Since Trump appointed Gorka in January, his credentials and experience for such a critical role in the administration and the globe were questioned. Gorka was an editor for the right-leaning Breitbart News and is a friend to White House political adviser Steven Bannon, according to The New York Times.

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At one of Trump’s inauguration balls, many claimed a medal Gorka wore was a tip towards Horthy. However, Gorka said in a video posted to his official Twitter account Feb. 14 that the medal was worn in honor of his father.