A second woman has come forward alleging Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker pressured her into having an abortion against her wishes.

The woman, only identifying as "Jane Doe," claims that the former NFL running back drove her to a Dallas abortion clinic in the 1990s to have the operation.

"I was confused, uncertain, and scared," the woman, who declined to reveal her name and face, said at a virtual press conference hosted by attorney Gloria Allred.

The woman said that she and Walker left the clinic after she could not go through with the procedure, moving her to tears. She said that Walker was unmoved and drove her back to the clinic and pressuring her to get the abortion.

As the woman underwent the procedure, Walker waited in the car, driving her to a pharmacy afterward to get the medication prescribed for recovery.

The woman says she decided to speak up now, as she could no longer stand to see Walker oppose abortion despite having pressured her into receiving one.

"Most significantly, and the reason I am here today, is because he has publicly taken the position that he is 'about life' and against abortion under any circumstances, when, in fact, he pressured me to have an abortion and personally ensured that it occurred by driving me to the clinic and paid for it," the woman said.

Allred played a voicemail message during the press conference allegedly from Walker himself, as well as providing love letters and a photograph of the woman she claims Walker took during their yearslong affair.

Walker on Wednesday denied the woman's account, saying "I'm done with this foolishness. I've already told people this is a lie and I'm not going to entertain, continue to carry a lie along."

"I didn't kill JFK, either," Walker added. "The Democrats are doing whatever they can to win this seat."

The allegation comes as Walker continues to battle a previous abortion allegation from the mother of one of Walker's children. She has provided a receipt for the procedure and a check signed by Walker.

Walker previously denied the allegation saying he had never met the woman, despite them having a child together. Recently, he backtracked, acknowledging their relationship but continuing to deny his involvement in her abortion.

Walker trails his Democratic opponent, Sen. Raphael Warnock, by a little less than 2 points, according to polling aggregation site FiveThirtyEight.