• The guard was escorting a teenager caught wandering outside a shelter back to his room
  • The guard lost consciousness a few minutes after the teenager rained punches on him
  • Authorities are waiting for autopsy results to determine the exact cause of death

A  security guard in Florida who was taken to the hospital in critical condition after a 14-year-old punched him numerous times in the head has had his life support taken off and died, the police said Saturday.

According to a statement from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook, a 52-year-old security guard at Florida United Methodist Children’s Home (FUMCH) named Michael Ellis has found a teenage boy, Christopher Carpenter,  off-campus. While Ellis was escorting Carpenter back to his room, that's when a physical altercation happened between the two. The boy allegedly punched the guard multiple times in the head.

The security guard left the boy’s room on his own and headed for another room without showing any signs of serious injury. But a few minutes after the fight, the guard showed signs of medical distress and lost consciousness.

Click Orlando reported that Ellis’ co-workers were quick to call 911 so that the guard could receive the medical attention he needed. He was brought to the hospital as soon as possible but has later died.

The Volusia County Sheriff, Mike Chitwood, said on his Facebook page, “Let’s keep his family in our prayers as they lay their loved one to rest.” 

The 14-year-old boy was charged with aggravated battery on a uniformed security officer, according to a report from the Orlando Sentinel.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating if the attack resulted in Ellis suffering medical distress and losing consciousness or if other medical issues caused it. The sheriff’s office is still waiting on autopsy results to determine the precise cause of the security guard’s death.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the president and CEO of FUMCH, Kitwana McTyer, has said that Ellis has been dedicated to serving the children’s home for years. McTyer said that the people at the home are in mourning. 

“We will gather our Florida United Methodist Children’s Home family in love and dedication to the mission of helping Florida’s children. We ask all those involved to remember Mike and pray for his family,” McTyer was quoted as saying.

A similar incident involving a teenager causing a person's death happened last month. Two teenage girls tasered an Uber Eats driver and caused him to crash his vehicle. The two teenage girls survived, but the driver did not.

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