Selena Gomez was a “little surprised” after her former boyfriend, Nick Jonas, apparently referred to their relationship in his new track “Area Code,” according to Hollywood Life. Jonas’ song, which debuted Saturday, seemingly referenced Gomez’s track “Good For You.”

“Selena was blindsided by Nick’s reference about her on 'Area Code',” a source told Hollywood Life. “She had absolutely no idea that he was going to drop that into a record and is a little surprised Nick would do something like that, especially because they have mutual friends in common.”

However, the 23-year-old was not upset with Jonas despite being aware of his move.

“Selena isn’t too disheartened. In fact, she thinks it’s fair game,” the source reportedly said. “It would be hypocritical of her to slam someone for writing about their past love-life experiences considering she’s written songs directed at her former boyfriends. It’s the creative right of an artist, and Selena understands that better than anyone.”

In his track, Jonas used the words,“You say I never been good for you, You can’t deny I gave it good to you,” a line that gave rise to speculation that Jonas was hinting at his past relationship with Gomez.

The song debuted just a week after Jonas and Selena were seen getting cozy at the MTV Video Music Awards’ after-party in Los Angeles on Aug. 30.

 “He was whispering in her ear cause it was so loud with music and people talking in VIP,” another source told Hollywood Life. “He had no other choice. She was loving the attention for sure and she talked to her friends about him afterwards, but his intentions were not romantic at all. They talked very briefly.”