Selena Gomez recently told media not to take her and boyfriend Justin Bieber seriously. There have been a lot of rumors on and off about the couple fighting, breaking up, Selena Gomez disliking Justin Bieber's friends, and the like. The teen celebrity couple has been followed closely on their every move and that sure is a lot of pressure.

Now, the singer-couple have been immortalized recently in bronze ... naked.

The artistic new sculpture is a creation by Daniel Edwards, an American artist best known for a statue of the singer Britney Spears, nude on a bearskin, giving birth, according to a report in

The announcement by Edwards has grabbed the attention of media, but its not clear if Bieber-Gomez statue has actually been cast. The images released on the official Web site of the Cory Allen Contemporary Art seem like computer generated images, and not real pictures.

The sculpture shows the couple nude, and is titled Justin and Selena as One.

"From my point of view, when I look at it, there'r a lot of interesting components. Can you think of any teenage couple that's bigger or been bigger than them?" Edwards told MTV News

Edwards also told MTV that he does not approve of representations of underage sexuality.

"You see all those beach photos of [Justin and Selena]," he said. "My children are young, but I think I would be freaked out if I saw images of them like that on the Internet."

The sculpture will be reportedly unveiled at New Fine Arts, an adult entertainment store in Dallas, Texas according to the report.