Serena Williams turned to Reddit for pregnancy and childbirth advice.

On Friday, the number one female tennis athlete in the world turned to fiancé Alexis Ohanian’s website Reddit to ask for some tips on both how to make her pregnancy easier, and prepare her for when her due date arrives. Some of the things she asked included when she should prepare the bag she will be bringing to the hospital when she delivers, as well as what she should bring. “When did you pack your hospital bag?” Williams wrote on Reddit. “[One] month before? 6 weeks? 8 weeks? I’m totally stalling. But I have a lot of time still.... I think...Anything you didn’t expect to need that I’ll really appreciate having in there?”

A number of parents replied to Williams’ post, each of them sharing their own experiences. Some packed months prior to their delivery, while others just packed their hospital bags minutes before heading out the door. They also gave her a number of suggestions for things she and her baby may need that the hospital will not be able to provide.

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“I packed like 2 MONTHS in advance for both of my girls I was so excited. Went out and bought new everything...including luggage. Yeah, I was extra,” one mom commented. “As for what to pack. For you: phone charger, comfortable clothes that allow easy access for a nursing baby, hair supplies, toiletries, flip flops, lip gloss (for photos, of course) and favorite snacks. if you are a germaphobe like me bring some disinfecting wipes, I like Seventh Generation. for baby: two take home outfits (I was told my youngest was 8 pounds...she was 6), we brought our own diapers and baby changing items. Also, consider getting the MyBrestFriend nursing pillow. It was a Godsend for me.”

Other parents suggested Bluetooth speakers, hair ties, extra pillows, comfortable blankets, towels, nursing bras, eye masks and ear plugs. A number of moms also agreed that Williams should pack her favorite snacks.

In related news, Williams recently admitted that her pregnancy is making her feel like a “real woman.” The expectant mom revealed that she had never been around babies, so she knew too little about them and needed baby 101 class. However, she holds all mothers in high regard for how much they go through while carrying and delivering their children.

“I have so much respect for so many women [for giving birth],” Williams said (via Entertainment Tonight). “I am about to be a real woman now, you know? It’s going to be something incredibly impressive to go through.”

Just like Williams, Ohanian is  prepping for daddy duties as well. He also asked for parenting advice online, and his favorite tip was to sleep in a blanket for a month before the baby’s due date so it would absorb his scent. He was then advised to wrap the blanket around the baby to give the child a bit of dad’s presence.

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