The married CEO of Victoria’s Secret is embroiled in rumors of an affair with a real estate broker in Naples, Fla. According to the New York Post’s gossip section Page Six, the relationship lasted for two years.

Cliff Donenfeld, 50, told Page Six that he first met Sharen Jester Turney -- CEO and president of Victoria's Secret Megabrand and Intimate Apparel since 2006 -- at a private party in 2008. The two allegedly went to dinner the next night and began an affair soon afterward.  

“I was instrumental in every aspect of her life for two years,” Donenfeld said. “I was her sounding board, personally and professionally.”

Turney, 56, has been married to her husband, Charles, for more than 20 years. As Page Six points out, she is one of the world’s highest-paid female executives. A report in Forbes lists her as having made $9.6 million in 2011.

According to Page Six, Turney and Donenfeld began to meet in New York, Florida and Columbus, Ohio, which is where Victoria’s Secret is based. “Sharen said if I ended any other romantic entanglements, we could see each other every two weeks,” Donenfeld said.

“[Sexually] I opened a door for her that was closed,” Donenfeld added.

Donenfeld says Turney told him she would leave her husband and that the two even had plans of adopting a child together. “She wanted to wait till after the holidays [at the time] to let her husband [Charles] know,” Donenfeld said.

The relationship eventually ended in 2010, but the two remained friends afterward, according to Page Six. However, Donenfeld says the relationship turned sour when Turney wouldn’t serve as a reference for him when he wanted to move into fashion.  

“[I was] very hurt and disappointed. . . I never got any credit I deserved for what I did for her,” said Donenfeld, who is working on a tell-all book, Page Six reports.

Turney hasn’t responded to the allegations of an affair.