Shemar Moore
Fans are worried that “Criminal Minds” actor Shemar Moore, pictured in 2013, might leave the CBS show after he was abducted in episode 15 of Season 11. Getty Images

Fans are worried that Shemar Moore, a “Criminal Minds” favorite, might be leaving the hit CBS drama after he was abducted at the end of the last episode. The actor has been posting teasers to Instagram since Season 11 began, and now, it seems, viewers will finally discover the actor’s fate.

Teasers for episode 16 of Season 11 show that not only will his character, Derek Morgan, be tortured by his captors, but he will also be haunted by his father, Hank, who is played by Danny Glover, and other members from his steam at the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU). In order to get through the torture, Morgan goes into his “dream land, his fantasy world, his safe place” to escape what he’s going through, Moore said in an interview.

Hank will help Morgan throughout the episode. “His father is going to make Derek face himself, see himself. If you are weak, you will lose. You can overcome every fear and you have to find that strength that you’re capable of.”

Moore called the episode “one of the most important episodes of my entire career,” in an Instagram photo, which had fans worried about his fate in the series. But it appears Morgan will make it out alive, even though his post was riddled with uncertainty. “DEREK MORGAN ... The hands of a man that had to TRY and survive his darkest place ... By any means necessary,” he captioned a picture of bloody hands six weeks ago.

In an interview, Moore said, “This is the most exciting moment, most exciting episode. I’m exhausted, but in such a wonderful way.” Check out the clip, where Moore talks about the episode, below:

To find out if Derek Morgan makes it out alive, watch “Criminal Minds” Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

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