It’s been a challenging period for Khloe Kardashian but the “Revenge Body” star is kind of doing well showing off her toned body in a steamy swim suit. Apparently, she shifted her focus from the surrounding controversies to her inner self.

Kardashian spent an ample amount of time exercising and the fruits of her labor was evident in one of the latest Twitter picture she uploaded. Interestingly, Kardashian captioned her post with, “This summer I have been focused on ME. Me from within. Mind. Body and Soul”

“#focused #peace #strength,” she added.

Kardashian posts received accolades from several of her social media followers, noticing that there’s this kind of glow she emits.

One Twitter user said that Kardashian looked amazing and she radiated happiness. This fan expressed being proud of Kardashian for putting herself first and told her to continue focusing on her happiness and health.

Kardashian received another compliment from a fan who expressed how amazing she looked and that she was glowing.

Amidst the comments, there was one fan who replied a very inspiring message to Kardashian’s post.

“I think you are the most grounded and the strongest woman in today’s reality TV world,” the Twitter user said. “You have shown the beauty you have within you to the world and I thank you for that.”

“I know it’s been hard in the public’s eyes but please know you are deeply appreciated and admired,” the user added.


While others say that the Kardashians are full of drama, there are some who see them, Khloe in particular, as some sort of inspiration. Kardashian —in her own way, aware or not— have motivated a lot of individuals in a positive way.

One Twitter user expressed her gratitude and love for Kardashian, also known to her fans as Koko. She said that Kardashian had reminded her to pace down and be grateful and that Kardashian always handled things with grace.

Another fan replied to Kardashians post, saying that the reality star served as the light in other people’s lives. This fan claimed that Kardashian motivated them to be more strong despite the circumstances and that it was meaningful for them to have her.


There was also one fan which pointed out that it was the body positivity they needed and claimed that Kardashian was such an incredible inspiration.


Following cheating scandal of Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods, which caused Kardashian from parting away from former flame and her sister, Kylie Jenner, ending friendship with Wood, the “Revenge Body” star concentrated on improving herself both externally and internally. Apparently, her hard work has paid off.

Being cheated on is a painful and devastating experience, and Koko Kardashian reportedly admitted, in an episode of Revenge Body, that it sucked. She helped a woman named Alexandria who experienced being cheated on, Hollywood Life reported. While expressing some issues leading to self-pity, Kardashian was quick slam it and said, “That doesn’t mean you need to say, ‘Man, if I looked like her, that probably wouldn’t have happened.’”