If the University of Virginia's faculty senate had its way, Rector Helen Dragas would resign and ousted President Teresa Sullivan would be reinstated.

In a statement on Monday, the senate's executive council demanded as much, asserting that Dragas' resignation would be in the best interests of the university.

Some students seem to agree with the faculty senate.

As a lengthy Board of Visitors meeting ended late Monday night, a small band of students followed Dragas to her car and shouted for her to resign, according to the Hook, a local publication.

Dragas, on her part, admitted that the board's actions firing Sullivan without an adequate explanation too readily lent themselves to perceptions of being opaque and not in keeping with the honored traditions of this university.

You - our U.Va. family - deserved better from this board, she stated.

She also said the interests of one donor would never be put above those of the thousands of stakeholders entrusted to our care, a reference to the accusation that Sullivan's ouster was unduly influenced by Wall Street donors.

Dragas also reiterated that all of the board's decisions were made to push UVA to reach its fullest potential as a 21st century Academical Village. However, she still did not provide a specific, detailed explanation of why Sullivan, who was obviously popular with many UVA stakeholders, was ousted.

Previously, Dragas gave vague responses such as a philosophical difference between Sullivan and the board.

Meanwhile, the board named Carl Zeithaml, dean of the McIntire School of Commerce, the university's undergraduate business school, the interim president.

On Twitter, many continue to be critical of the board and Dragas' actions.

This UVA Board will go down in history as the most unpopular in modern times--if not ever, tweeted @LarrySabato. Sabato is a UVAprofessor of political science and much-quoted pundit.

I wonder if when #UVa rises from these ashes, Dragas will have succeeded in transforming us into a glorified Phoenix University, tweeted @rcooper.

I'm furious. I'm absolutely furious that Dragas can say in today's release that the community will have a great deal of input, tweeted @TheUVAFool.