Carrie Underwood
The country singer arrives at the Golden Globe Awards Reuters

Mike Fisher, NHL Ottawa Senator star and husband of singer Carrie Underwood, was traded to the Nashville Predators and this has not gone down well with the residents of Ottawa. It is reported by that Carrie’s songs have been erased from the playlist at the Ottawa raido station CISS.

Fans of the hockey star are a little shocked at the move as Fisher has been with the Senators since 1999. The move obviously has been made for family reasons. Holding a marriage together in dsitant cities is difficult.

Underwood attempted to explain her husband's move in a statement that read, Mike has been such a big part of the Ottawa community, and I will never forget how they welcomed me with open arms. We obviously love Nashville, and the teams' decision for him to now play with the Predators is an exciting opportunity for Mike.

Mike Fisher on his part said that he was looking forward to the move. But on the NHL website this week, Fisher said he did have some mixed feelings on leaving his home team:

It's hard, it's a bit of a shock [and it ] still hasn't sunk in yet ... The hardest part is the goodbyes to people. That's tough. I'm excited about Nashville, about the Predators. If a trade was going to happen and there was a place I had to go, it would be Nashville. I'm excited about being a part of that team, they're a very good team... I'm sure my wife won't be disappointed, he added.

This explains the move in a nutshell.