Apple iPhone and iPad users might be able to ask Siri to play their music in a third-party music app, like Spotify, in the future.

According to MacRumors, Apple is opening up the SiriKit framework so that third-party music, podcast, audiobooks and radio apps can make Siri work on their apps. If these third-party app developers work on it, their respective apps just might become useable with Siri starting in iOS13 and iPadOS.

With this development, iPhone and iPad users can expect to see Siri do more than just control playback on Apple Music, Apple Podcast and Apple TV, Engadget noted. Siri can be expected to work with popular music apps like Spotify and and Pandora,

Of course, third-party app developers will be the ones who will need to enable Siri on their respective apps. MacRumors reached out to the developers of some of the most popular music, podcast and audio apps in iOS, but so far, they haven’t responded or indicated their interest in the said feature.

Contractors who used to work for Apple said they were tasked to listen to and grade more than a thousand Siri audio recordings per shift. Reuters/Robert Galbraith

Unfair advantage

This news comes after popular music streaming service Spotify accused Apple of setting up App Store rules that are in favor of Apple Music. Specifically, Spotify claimed that “Apple has introduced rules to the App Store that purposely limit choice and stifle innovation at the expense of the user experience.”

The streaming app said that while it’s fine for Apple to be the owner of both the App Store and the iOS platform, where both Apple Music and Spotify run, it’s not right that the Cupertino tech company keeps giving itself “an unfair advantage at every turn.”

Spotify set up a webpage where it lists five “facts” that prove its allegations.

First, the company said Apple charges third-party apps like Spotify a 30% fee for using the in-app purchase (IAP) system. Apple Music, which Apple owns, isn’t charged for that purpose.

Second, Spotify said Apple won’t let it communicate with customers if it won’t use the IAP system. Third, Apple also makes it harder for Spotify users to upgrade from Free to Premium by barring the option on the Spotify app.

Fourth, Spotify claimed that Apple keeps rejecting the updates and fixes it releases for the app, but doesn’t bar updates from coming to Apple Music. Lastly, Spotify claimed Apple doesn’t allow its app on the HomePod, and won’t allow its app to work with Siri.

Hopefully, the recent news about Apple opening SiriKit up to third-party apps solve that last problem there.