Becca Tobin (“Glee”) and Ryan Rottman (“90210”) star in “Sister of the Bride,” Hallmark Channel’s newest June Weddings 2019 movie, premiering on Saturday.

This is Rottman’s second Hallmark movie but his first for Hallmark Channel, as the “Happyland” alum was previously in Hallmark Movies & Mysteries’ “Christmas Wonderland” in 2018 with Emily Osment. In 2016, he did another TV rom-com called “Diagnosis Delicious,” but that flick was for PixL. Tobin was also in a PixL movie, with hers — “Do I Say I Do?” — coming out the year after Rottman’s.

When it comes to Hallmark movies, though, the “LadyGang” co-host has one more under her belt than her Hallmark co-star. Tobin starred in 2017’s “A Song for Christmas” with Kevin McGarry for HMM and then in 2018’s “Love at First Dance” with Niall Matter for Hallmark Channel.

Now, with “Sister of the Bride,” the two have joined together to make some June Weddings magic for Hallmark.

“After a six-month romance, Stephanie (Tobin) and Ben (Rottman) go to Palm Springs to tell her family they’re engaged, and upon arrival at her parents’ vacation home, they learn Stephanie’s sister is also engaged to her longtime boyfriend,” the synopsis reveals. “Since both sisters want July 4th weddings at the beloved house, it’s decided Stephanie will wait till next year, unaware the place is up for sale. Graciously accepting she must find another venue for her nuptials, Stephanie throws herself into helping her sister launch the perfect Independence Day wedding, just four weeks away.”

sister of the bride hallmark 2
Becca Tobin and Ryan Rottman star in “Sister of the Bride” on Hallmark Channel. Crown Media / Brian Nolan

The synopsis continues: “Luckily, Ben pitches in and everyone, but Stephanie’s father, adores him. A six-month courtship is too quick for this protective dad, and he gets Ben wondering if he really knows Stephanie, especially after finding out she was once engaged. Another issue looms too. Ben’s been offered a job with his economics idol in Oxford; and Stephanie, an anthropology professor, is near tenure. Neither wants the other to make a sacrifice, and keep tabling the discussion. But days before her wedding, Stephanie’s sister and her fiancé are called to work in San Francisco, and his grandmother breaks a hip. Wondering if the universe is trying to slow them down, these future brides and grooms surely have some fireworks awaiting them.”

The movie, which was directed by Sam Irvin and written by Anna White, also features Chelsea Gilson (Tracy), Michael Gross (Robert), Brad Benedict (Preston), Beth Broderick (Eleanore), Faune Chambers Watkins (Becky), Claude Knowlton (Renaldo), Gina Hiraizumi (Anna), Alma Martinez (Clara) and Tilky Jones (Dave) in its cast.

Attend the latest Hallmark Channel onscreen wedding when “Sister of the Bride” premieres on Saturday at 9 p.m. EDT.