A move to Flagstaff, Arizona, was supposed to make everything better and easier for the Brown family, but a new trailer for the upcoming season of “Sister Wives” seems to indicate that leaving Las Vegas only added to the issues the family has been facing.

In a first look of the new season, which begins Jan. 5 on TLC, several issues seem to have arisen since the family packed their bags and left their homes in Las Vegas behind. Not only does the group have to contend with financial struggles they didn’t expect following the move, but their marriages continue to seem as though they’re falling apart. Here are 5 things we learned from the first look sneak peek.

Their New Neighbors Aren’t All Very Welcoming

The family was all forced to live in separate homes after the move due to nothing being developed on their Coyote Pass land they purchased. However, it appears that while they were looking forward to a new life in Arizona, some of the people in Flagstaff are less than welcoming, as Meri encounters a neighbor who admits to her that the Browns aren’t wanted.

“They are not happy with our family being here. They said that they don’t want out family here,” she reveals to the rest of the family in the teaser. “What do they freaking think we’re going to do?”

The Move Led To Financial Difficulty For The Family

After the surprising decision to move and the family’s decision to uproot their lives before they sold the homes they had in Nevada, things got financially dicey for the family. The homes in Vegas weren’t selling, and they had also purchased their property in Flagstaff—meaning they had five mortgages to pay off. As a result, the family was running into problems.

“It might be next spring before they’re all sold,” Janelle reveals to Kody and the rest of the wives in the clip.

“Ladies, I will tell you, if that happens, and that cannot happen, that will break us,” Kody replies.

It will be interesting to see how that all turns out for the family, however, since it was previously reported that the final home on the market, Christine’s, did not sell until October of 2019, more than one year after it was initially listed and put on the market.

Kody Is Still Pushing The One House Concept

The purchase of Coyote Pass was meant for the family to divide the land up into parcels to build individual homes for each wife and their children, similar to what they had set up on the cul-de-sac in Vegas. However, Kody initially liked a different idea, which would see one large home built up for the entire family to move into together. His wives all objected to it, but it appears he still plans to go through with it. Naturally, this isn’t sitting well with any of the wives once again.

Kody And Meri Are Still Having Problems

A change of scenery also doesn’t appear to have helped mend the broken fences between Kody and Meri when it comes to their marriage, as the couple is once again shown attending a therapy session where they are at odds with one another. Kody expresses that they don’t act like a married couple, and goes on to state that Meri may be the problem, saying that he can’t be honest with her because she makes herself into a victim as a result.

Kody And Robyn Also Seem To Be On The Outs

Interestingly enough, it appears the issues between Kody and Meri are also causing tension between him and Robyn as well. Not only does Kody complain about the situation to his other wives, but when Robyn tries to defend Meri’s point of view, Kody then says his fourth wife is the one who is suffering because of the drama—and even tells her to stop defending the other woman.

“I was already giving you everybody else’s table scraps Robyn, do you think that’s fair? I don’t,” Kody says. “Robyn, Stop, stop defending Meri, stop acting like you’re not getting the [expletive] end of the stick here.”

“Sister Wives” returns to TLC on Sunday, Jan. 5 at 10 p.m. EST.

Sister Wives Robyn Brown, Meri Brown, Kody Brown, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown arrive at “Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth-Live on Stage” in Las Vegas on April 14, 2012. Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images