It was a rough and emotional journey for the Brown family, but Meri and Kody, who were married for 24 years, officially finalized their divorce during the Season 6 premiere of “Sister Wives.” However, just because documents were signed didn’t mean the drama ended. Fans of the plural family dove head first into the complicated struggles of the TLC reality stars, starting with Meri’s torn feelings about Kody’s impending legal marriage to his fourth spiritual wife, Robyn.

After paying their lawyer a visit in the Season 5 finale, Meri, Kody and Robyn kicked off the new installment by discussing what their “next step” would be following the signing of the divorce papers. But according to Meri, she didn’t want to partake in what lies ahead for the duo: marriage.

A teary-eyed Meri explains in the premiere episode that she didn’t want to witness Kody’s legal marriage to Robyn because it would be too emotional for her. But Robyn reminds her sister wife that the legal binding isn’t an “act of separation” but an “act of unity.”

“We’re a team,” Robyn tells Meri, who was the mastermind behind the divorce in the first place so that Robyn’s three children – from her previous marriage – could be adopted by Kody.

But when Meri finally came around to the idea of partaking in Kody and Robyn’s nuptials, it was Kody who cringed at the idea of his first wife attending the legal binding, fearing that it could cause a rift in the family.

“I’m not rejecting Meri. I love her,” Kody states in a confessional, explaining that if Meri was to attend his and Robyn’s wedding then the other sister wives might feel as though they’re being left out. So why doesn’t Kody just ask his entire family to watch him and Robyn say, “I do”? Well, Kody explains that he and Robyn already have a wedding date (from their spiritual marriage) and he doesn’t want this legal wedding to hold significance considering it’s just another step so that he can adopt Robyn’s children.

“It’s a paperwork process,” the Brown patriarch says.

But both Meri and Robyn believe that the three of them should be there when the vows are exchanged.

“This situation really involves Robyn, Kody and I very closely,” Meri says in the confessional, adding that although the adoption of Robyn’s children might include the entire family, the marriage – or legal paperwork shuffle – really just involves them.

Kody, who has previously said during the “Sister Wives Tell-All" that he is the decision-maker of the family, put his foot down in the premiere episode, deciding that to simplify the process of adopting Robyn’s children, he wants the legal marriage to his fourth spiritual wife to be a non-celebrated event. This means that no one would witness the marriage or ever know the date of Kody and Robyn’s marital contract.

However, Meri couldn’t help but feel excluded after Kody essentially banned her from attending the wedding.

“There is part of me that feels just a little bit of rejection,” Meri says before revealing that she knows Kody’s intentions are in the right place. “I know it’s not rejection, it’s protection.”

Although cameras weren’t allowed to film the vow-exchange, Kody explains that the wedding was a bit lackluster… just like he wanted.

Now that “process one and two” are complete, the Brown’s will proceed with their next step: Kody adopting Robyn’s children.

“Sister Wives” will return with more Season 6 drama on Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT on TLC.