Sister Wives divorce
“Sister Wives” star Robyn Brown (center right) is said to be considering a divorce from husband Kody. The couple is pictured with Kody’s other wives (from left) Christine, Janelle and Meri. TLC

The Brown family returns for another season of “Sister Wives” later this month, but the new episodes may be the last time fans see of the reality family intact.

A family friend of the Browns has revealed to Life & Style that Kody is on the outs with his four wives, including his legal wife Robyn, who is said to be seeing a divorce.

“She’s quietly consulting with attorneys,” Kendra Pollard told the magazine, revealing the mother of five is waiting until she’s “financially secure” before pulling the plug and moving to Northern California.

While the couple doesn’t appear on the outs in the new “Sister Wives” Season 8 trailer, Kendra claims Kody has “let down” his most recent bride. “She did not want to be in a polygamist marriage,” she said, adding that Robyn’s “goal” was to have the father of 18 eventually part ways with his spiritual wives Janelle, Meri and Christine, who she says he’s also on the outs with.

But the other woman aren’t the only reason for Robyn’s rumored exit. Kendra says Kody’s comment about her physique following the birth of their daughter Ariella in January also sent her over the edge. “He told her, ‘You used to be considered the hot wife. Unfortunately, we can’t really sell that anymore.’”

While the Brown family’s future on TLC remains uncertain, Kendra says Robyn is considering a long-term career in reality TV. “She’s seeking a spinoff,” Kendra dished. “She’s pretty close to the team that oversees ‘Sister Wives’ production and she’s told them, ‘You can follow me anywhere I go.’ She’s very open about it.”

“Sister Wives” returns for its eighth season on Sunday, Nov. 27, on TLC.