Sister Wives new season
Kody Brown and his sister wives Robyn, Christine, Meir and Janelle return for Season 8 of TLC’s “Sister Wives.” TLC

The Brown family is back and if you thought the drama ended with the Season 7 tell-all, think again! TLC has confirmed Season 8 of “Sister Wives” and released a whole, new trailer as part of the announcement.

In it, fans are made privy to the drama inside the Brown clan since we last saw them. Not only is Madison getting married, Mykelti is also preparing to walk down the aisle, much to mom Christine and dad Kody Brown’s displeasure. Elsewhere, Meri is still battling her catfishing scandal that plagued her in Season 7 as her daughter Mariah is shown complaining to Kody about her mom’s actions.

It won’t be all drama in Season 8, though. Fans will get to see Madison’s scandalous bridal shower (she gets gifted camo lingerie!) and Kody’s getting emotional reaction to Madison in her wedding dress on her big day. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bride this beautiful in my life,” Kody says to his daughter.

Robyn also shares in the trailer that she and Christine are getting along better. “It makes it 100 percent easier if you’re having a good, close relationship with your sister wife,” Robyn explains to the cameras before giving her sister wife a hug.

So, when do “Sister Wives” superfans get to catch up with the expansive brood? According to TLC’s announcement, Season 8 is just around the corner. New episodes will begin premiering Sunday, Nov. 27, at 8 p.m. EDT.