• The skier was part of a group hiking up a mountain during a backcountry ski outing near Haines
  • The group came across a den with a brown bear and its cubs, Alaska State Troopers said
  • The bear left the den and attacked one of the members

A skier was hoisted to safety out of the Alaska backcountry over the weekend after he was mauled by a bear. The man was transported for medical treatment to the city of Juneau, and remained in a stable condition.

In a statement, the U.S. Coast Guard said an MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter crew from Air Station Sitka hoisted the man who suffered injuries to his head and hands after being attacked. He was part of a group that was hiking up a mountain during a backcountry ski outing near Haines, Alaska.

Alaska State Troopers said in a report the group unknowingly came across a den with a brown bear and its cubs. The bear left the den and attacked one of the members who subsequently rolled down the hill during the attack, the report added.

State wildlife biologist Carl Koch told CNN the "skier who was attacked at some point realized he should play dead, which is probably a good idea in this type of circumstance."

The group was found at an approximate elevation of 1,600 feet, and the Alaska State Troopers said the Coast Guard was requested to respond due to the steep terrain and remote area.

The Coast Guard said its crew lowered a rescue swimmer to evaluate the skier's condition, then used a litter to hoist him.

“The rescue swimmer and flight corpsman provided medical care to the man during the transit to Juneau for higher medical care,” the statement read.

"Their satellite communication device provided the precise GPS coordinates and elevation of their location. Equally important, they had brightly colored fabric to signal the helicopter as we approached. This was absolutely crucial to us finding them in a timely manner," said Lt. Cmdr. Will Sirokman, co-pilot for the case.

The two other members of the group were not injured. Sirokman also said they had the proper equipment and knowledge to assist with the man’s injuries and communicate for help.

Last year, a man was severely injured after he was attacked by a grizzly bear while hunting for antlers in the East Painter Creek area, Wyoming. He sent a distress signal from his satellite communication device and was then airlifted to a hospital for treatment.

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