While not much is known about Kanye West's new album, it was just recently revealed that EDM superstar Skrillex will be featured on the rapper's latest project.

In an interview with the Daily Beast, Skrillex confirmed that he had collaborated with West on material for the follow-up to West's 2010 album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy."

"I did some music with Kanye and from what I know, it's actually going to be the first song on his new album," the unofficial king of dubstep said.

As West himself has not announced any details for a new solo project, the track will most likely be featured on G.O.O.D. Music's Sept. 4 release, "Cruel Summer,"

In March, Skrillex told Rolling Stone that he had flown to Las Vegas on West's private jet, and that the two had worked on a few tracks in their hotel. At this weekend's Hard Summer Festival in L.A., Skrillex promised that one of the tracks would soon see the light of day.

West has also reportedly worked with the producers No I.D. and S1. In addition, he recently unveiled the song "Perfect Bi--h," which he said he wrote for girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

In the interview with the Daily Beast, Skrillex also addressed remarks that Deadmau5 made towards him earlier this summer during an interview with Rolling Stone. The DJ said that Skrillex "isn't doing anything too technical. He has a laptop and a MIDI recorder, and he's just playing his shit."

Responded Skrillex, "Listen, I'm proud of what I do and this is not directed towards Deadmau5 personally, but if you're going to denounce something you're a part of . . . the thing about DJing is it's a platform to create a vibe," he said.

"It's all about creating an effect. The Ramones played fuckin' four chords. It's about the emotion, the movement, the music you create. The 'pushing buttons' criticism is just missing the point. You could invalidate anything if you wanted to," Skrillex added.