The internet loves cats, whether they’re Lol, Nyan or even Skydiving. One of the latest internet sensations comes from an advertisement for the Swedish pet insurance company Folksam, which depicts cats skydiving to R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly”

The advertisement -- titled "Folksam Reklamfilm: Evas Katt," which translates to "Folksam Commercials: Eve's Cat" -- claims in its description that the video was made to represent a specific customer, since their business is customer-owned.

“We are owned by our customers, and this commercial is dedicated to one of our owners, Eva,” reads a translation of the videos description. “Her heart beats for [her] cat.”

The description also notes that the Folksam didn’t make any felines parachute to the ground to the “Space Jam” soundtrack. “We have of course followed the Animal Welfare Act and not thrown out a few cuties from an airplane,” the description claims.

Whether or not the skydiving cats were real, the reaction to them is. The kitty commercial was uploaded to YouTube by Folksam on Nov. 9, and as of Friday it has almost 322 thousand views.

The mutual insurance company that produced the commercial was founded in 1908 as a response to what they referred to as a “great injustice” on their English About Us page. They claim to be the changing force that started offering fairly priced insurance solutions to average, lower-income people in Sweden.

Now, as one of the biggest asset managers in Sweden, they offer a wide range of serves, like personal insurance, savings and loans, householders’ and homeowner’s insurance, commercial insurance for cars, boats and pets, along with varying group insurance plans for sport organizations, trade unions and other organizations.