• Skype has recently added the background blur feature for its voice calls
  • The feature is simple to use and obscures backgrounds well
  • It may not be available to older computers

Working from home may sometimes need to blur out the background to avoid unnecessary clutter to be seen. Fortunately, Skype has a new feature introduced which helps its users to obscure out the background during the video calls. Here’s how to activate this background feature.

Background Blur

This feature can only be accessed for the PC and Mac versions of Skype and can’t be done on its mobile versions. During the video call, find the More button on the lower right corner of the Skype app. The “Blur My Background” option will be available. The feature can be activated before the other end picks up which helps hide the background whatever is going on around it.

Skype’s feature

Compared to other rival apps, Skype’s background blur only obscures the background of the camera while other apps provide a solid color background for the user. Skype’s feature also focuses well on the person which makes virtual meetings better due to the clear footage of the members.

However, the feature does take a huge processing toll on computers and may not be available on older computers. Windows computers need to be compatible with AVX2 extensions so it can run the Skype background blur feature.

Outbreak Features

To further help many workers that have been temporarily taken up “work from home” positions, many messaging apps and business solutions have provided a new feature which could help these people. Aside from Skype, its rival app Zoom has also a background blur feature for its app. Rather than obscure the background, Zoom provides a solid color background to block out the scenes behind the video caller.

Skype is reportedly struggling under Microsoft’s tutelage. Reuters/Dado Ruvic