sleepy hollow season 3 spoilers
Shannyn Sossamon, pictured at the Fox All-Star Party at Langham Hotel on Jan. 17 in Pasadena, California, has been cast to appear in Season 3 of "Sleepy Hollow." Getty Images

Things are about to get even more mythological on the hit Fox drama “Sleepy Hollow.” According to reports, “Wayward Pines” actress Shannyn Sossamon is bringing the Greek legend of Pandora’s Box to life when the supernatural drama airs this fall.

TVLine revealed the exciting news, explaining that Sossamon is set to portray the iconic role of Pandora herself, the first human who was created by the Gods, according to a legendary myth. The fable also suggests that Pandora is the person responsible for releasing all the evils of humanity into the world after the curious girl lifted the lid to her mystical jar. Once the jar was open, the evilness escaped, flooding and plaguing the earth.

Perhaps that’s why Pandora will call upon Ichabod (Tom Mison) and Abbie (Nicole Beharie) for help when the series returns to the small screen on Thursday, Oct. 1. According to Sossamon’s character description, the mysterious new presence will seek help from the paranormal pair when she makes her Season 3 debut.

Sossamon’s casting announcement comes shortly after it was revealed that “Thirteen” star Nikki Reed is joining “Sleep Hollow” as the patriotic symbol Betsy Ross. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Reed will portray the “sexy” version of the historical figure who was credited for making the first American flag.

"We are all very excited to welcome Nikki Reed into the world of Sleepy Hollow,” the show’s co-creator Len Wiseman told the outlet. "Nikki's the perfect choice to bring a smart and sexy edge to our show's twisted version of American icon, Betsy Ross."

Nikki’s character, who has been unveiled to be an ex-lover of Ichabod from way back when, is also an “unsuspecting physical prowess” who is a member within “George Washington’s mysterious ring of spies.”

“Sleepy Hollow” will return for its third season this fall on Fox.