Sling Media Inc., a subsidiary of EchoStar Holding, introduced on Friday a high-definition version of its popular set-top box and a new application for BlackBerry smart phones which the company will demonstrate at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas next week.

The Slingbox PRO-HD from the California-based company allows users to beam cable or satellite television, digital video recordings, DVDs, and music straight to their computer or mobile handset via an internet connection. The device has multiple integrated sets of audio-video inputs and outputs, including ATSC Tuner, S-video, composite video, component video, and analog or digital audio.

According to Sling Media, the new Slingbox PRO-HD is intended for consumers who want to get the full HD experience or access to many video sources. The company did it will be available in the third quarter of this year at a price of $400.

Sling Media also announced today a new application which allows customers to watch media application via Blackberry handsets and or any other smart phone which uses Windows Mobile, Palm OS and Symbian OS.

SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry has been a top customer request since we launched the original Slingbox Classic in 2005. Combining the best-of-breed e-mail device with the ability to watch and control your living room TV is a killer combo, said Blake Krikorian, Sling Media's co-founder, chairman, and CEO, in a statement.

Slingbox customers simply need to purchase SlingPlayer Mobile for a one-time charge of $29.99. All versions of SlingPlayer Mobile include a 30 day free trial, the company said.

Both Slingbox PRO-HD and the SlingPlayer Mobile for BlackBerry will be previewed at next week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.