Frankie Shaw as Bridgette
Bridgette (Frankie Shaw) matches with her estranged dad on Tinder in the Season 1 finale of Showtime’s “SMILF.” Showtime

Will Bridgette have the courage to reconnect with his dad in the Season 1 finale of “SMILF”?

According to the synopsis for Season 1, episode 8 of the Showtime comedy, Bridgette (Frankie Shaw) matches with her estranged dad on Tinder. But to make sure that the guy is really his father, Bridgette asks his mom Tutu (Rosie O’Donnell) where her dad currently resides?

“Mom, question: Does my dad still live in South America or did he move back?” Bridgette, who is having a haircut, asks Tutu in a sneak peek from the episode.

For some reason, Tutu doesn’t want to talk about Bridgette’s dad. So instead of answering Bridgette’s question, Tutu quickly comes up with an excuse to go to the washroom.

When Tutu walks away, Bridgette shows her hairdresser a photo of her dad and asks if the guy in the picture looks like her.

“A little bit,” the hairdresser replies.

Although Bridgette doesn’t get any confirmation from Tutu, the trailer for the installment reveals that Bridgette sets a date between her and her dad. But when Bridgette sees her dad from a far at the venue of their date, Bridgette appears to have a change of heart. “Oh my God! He’s here. I don’t know actually think I can do this,” Bridgette tells Nelson (Samara Weaving) in the video. At the end of the clip, Bridgette is seen locked up in a cubicle munching a piece of pastry.

As revealed earlier in the season, Bridgette’s dad sexually abused her, so it makes sense why Bridgette appears to have changed her mind about meeting her dad.

In an interview with Variety last month, Shaw — who also created and exec produces the show — said that Bridgette’s reunion with her dad “ends up being a total disaster.”

Elsewhere in the episode, Tutu prepares to go on a cruise. As fans can remember, Tutu won a Massachusetts riverboat cruise from one of the scratch cards she bought in Season 1, episode 7.

Also in the next episode, Rafi (Miguel Gomez) moves out of sober living and moves in with Nelson.

“SMILF” Season 1 finale, titled “Mark’s Lunch & Two Cups of Coffee,” airs on Sunday, Dec. 31 at 10 p.m. EST on Showtime.