A snake was caught on camera strangling a gecko to death while dangling from a pillar in Ubon Ratchathani, north eastern Thailand.

Speaking to media Monday, 35-year-old Thongchai Sifah said he was resting in a building next to a reservoir on Nov. 26, when he heard some sound. He got up and followed the sound to a brick pillar. Sifah then noticed the snake coiling around a huge gecko.

"The poor gecko was being strangled so tightly that my friend thought I should help it However, I refused to do so because I believed I should not intervene in the natural order of things. So I let him die,” he said, adding that he also did not disturb the snake.

“The snake should be allowed to have its meal so we left without disturbing it any more,” he said.

Meanwhile, a video of the incident showed the golden tree snake strangling the blue and orange tokay gecko till it succumbs.

The incident comes days after a video surfaced on social media that showed a man breaking a fight between a snake and a gecko. In the video, the snake was seen coiling around the lizard while dangling from an electric pole, when the man suddenly appears and pulls away the reptile from the lizard’s jaws. Details regarding when and where the incident took place was not known.

This is a representational image of a satanic leaf-tailed gecko. Reuters